IMO what could be the best Horde Mode

  • Have the Enemies be a variety of Locust,Swarm,DeeBees, & Lambent.
  • Make the Fabricator able to Construct all weapons from past games, including non returning ones.
  • Keep Ultimate abilities from Gears 5, but have them chosen instead of Character Locked
  • Keep the Class system from Gears 4 and don’t lock those classes to specific characters. AKA “Play the way you want”
  • Keep Playable Jack
  • Silverback…enough said
  • Keep AI Teammates , about time they we’re added
  • If you kill the boss early {another one shows up} make it to were a different boss comes instead, to keep you on the edge of your seat and to keep a variety.

This is just an off topic thing and sort of my way to not think about the recent issues with Gears 5 hope people enjoy reading it. :slight_smile:


This…actually sounds pretty cool. Nice! Got my vote.

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