Immediately kicked after map loads when joining Bunny Hunt

As the title says, as soon as I join a Bunny Hunt, I’m immediately kicked. I was able to play previously, but not I can’t no matter how many attempts. I see the map icon, I see the list of names of players joining, then I’m immediately booted.

You have bee removed from the game.

I’m playing on an Xbox One. I’d send a support ticket, but given this is a timed event and the response times have virtually never happened when I submit one, I was hoping to get some help here. I have already restarted my Xbox but without any success.

Hi , I had the same problem, I’m in a squad , then I get booted off to the main menu with the same message as you. The real kicker is that I can’t rejoin the squad even though there is an open slot during the bunny hunt event.

If you get a chance, check your characters and see if you can put any new skins . If you get a message, saying you can’t because the game is not fully installed.

Go to option settings, and go to install manager at the bottom of the menu. From here, you can install full customisation and multiplayer.

That should fix your issue,hopefully!