Imagos in PVE... with palace guard AI

So playing nexus siege has taught me a few things with what the pve team is capable of doing…

Versus AI in horde as enemies was actually a great idea by @TC_MichaelAOS :clap: I applaud this creation, it definitely separates the Palace guard from the other other foot soldier making them seem a bit smarter or rather independent and unpredictable…

I would like to see this change added to the imago in horde and escape, give them the palace guard ai, the unpredictable movements and independent style, the picking up of dropped weapons would also be a welcome feature imo as fighting imagos wielding enforcers can be very underwhelming in vanilla horde, it really takes away that feeling I got from the gears 4 campaign when first encountering them and seeing them use the first weapon they could lay their eyes on straight out of the swarm nest…

While the AI might seem a bit too “elite” for the mere imago the trade off could be the imagos current health pool with its inability to go into a DBNO state when it’s health is depleted, maybe give it a test and see? :eyes:


I second this emotion, the Swarm ai don’t need cheats to feel fun and challenging to fight, they just need to be a little less stupid and predictable.

I like the Imagos as they are. Enemies that aren’t actually very dangerous and just serve as fodder for the player to kill have a place in games, too. Like the Butchers in Gears 3 Horde.

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Anything to improve the imago as is would be welcome. Cannon fodder enemy with a crap weapon drop. A fleshy Shepherd.

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I like the idea since Imagos forage for whatever weapon they see, but I don’t think an enemy of their level should be using something like Boomshots.

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Imagos are fine as is. They’re the early wave cannon fodder you’re supposed to kill easily. Adding the ai to standard/elite drones would be better but…


Imagos should stay the way they are.

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I would like to see Imagoes pick up guns they find. Would make them a bit more unpredictable.


And canonically, they’re basically newborns, so they’re kinda idiots lol.

So, their combat style of just slowly walking forward in the open & blindly during towards you just kinda makes sense.
They haven’t learned to be more tactical, aim, take cover & use armor in the same way the Drones & Elites have.

I’d like if the MP AI stayed exclusive to the Palace Guards & they just added them to Horde as regulars instead, which I’m pretty sure is what they’ll do eventually.

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Loads of mixed opinions here wow :open_mouth:

This is exactly why I don’t like fighting them tbh… Or find them rather boring, nobody from what I’ve seen likes fighting deebees as it is…

Not what I was saying, but its ok :sweat_smile:

That’s how I like them too, but they aren’t different enough for my liking personally, I feel adding the versus ai similiar to the palace guards would be exactly the kind of change it needs to seperate them from the rest, its more about the weapon pick up for me though tbh :v:

They’d have to find one first I suppose :eyes: what’s great about the versus ai is they aren’t super smart, they’re just bots, I’m not sure what difficulty level they are on the palace guards, but it doesn’t need to be as high as that, point is they’d probably more than likely blow themselves up first :joy:

I’m not suggesting taking that away, I’m suggesting they gain the ability to pick up weapons and bot walk aimlessly like the bots already do in versus, I’m not saying they need to be as difficult as palace guard, I may worded this funny in the thread…

I’d have to disagree with this regardless of development time frames, theres not really anything wrong with the standard drones/elite drones from my knowledge… unless the claw is still melting players after two shots? :thinking: Other than that, they do their job.

Me too bud, give us that feeling we had in Gears 4, when the imago emerges from the nest and pulls a lancer from that corpse in the… cathedral was it? :man_shrugging:

Yes they still need to be idiots :grin: I do not want this to change :+1:

Think of beginner or expierenced difficulty bots in versus, still dumb like imagos.

Yeah its more or less about the weapon scavenging tbh and you are correct, it doesn’t make sense for them to be smarter, not as difficult or as smart as palace guards, but using a lower difficulty version of the versus ai

I like this idea, but why Imagos?

Imago are essentially meant to be newborn swarm, they are freshly metamorphized from Juvies. The should be among the least skilled of the drone style enemies. I like the idea of them scavenging weapons off the ground, but I don’t think having them play smarter makes sense.