Imago not allowed

I’ve heard that the naked imago is not allowed to be used in competitions because of how spongy they are… Can anyone confirm this please?

If this is the case… Why are they not fixed and if they cant be fixed how on earth did they get passed play testing and end up in the game.?


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I read that the Colorblast skins are not allowed in competitions because their colour designs can confuse the opponent, but haven’t heard anything about the Imago.

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From what I heard, Imago is not allowed because he is naked and for family things,
And I am confused by this, It’s a 18+ game god damn it :rofl:


I have no sources to back anything up but just using my own head I SERIOUSLY doubt that the imago sponges any more than other characters would.

I have heard about the issue with it having no clothes before and that seems like a more likely reason.

I dont see what the problem with them being naked would be, it’s not like you see their locust or anything.

Imago is not banned because of sponging. All hit boxes are the same (which can make larger characters appear spongy since they have dead zones).
Imago is banned because the dude is buck naked.
My crew calls him “buttcheeks”.

Probably banned because of stream viewership perhaps and the nakedness? I mean even though hame is meant to be 18+ people still watch and play the game anyway.

Is the Gearsmas Imago allowed? It’s no different to alot of Disney characters like Donald Duck - that sweater and no trousers combo!


I dont think so, never seen that used tbh. I guess they refer to the nakedness of his cheeks i suppose rather than his chest.

It all seems arbitrarily silly to me. They’re afraid kids will see the Imago bumcheeks and suddenly realise that bums exist? But they’re not concerned about children watching a live stream of a game where people get chainsawed or shotgunned to pieces?

I wonder if Luchador Oscar is allowed?


gears of war is a family friendly christian game

I can confirm that it is not because they are “spongy”.

Thank you. I thought as much… But if it is because they are naked that is dumb!

Would be badass if they God grenadier pants. This would be a worthy replacement of the current ■■■■■■ reskinned drone grenadiers. The nakedness thing…well…it’s weird they ban a character in tournaments because he’s naked when it’s an 18 game.

Never seen that in tournaments but I think I seen the non semi naked on during 2k esports livestreams.

Well there is a lot of confusion but we can just conclude that the real reason is because…TC!

I shall forevermore refer to this character as buttcheeks because of this


or think of it as someone complained, then Imago got banned. Like with the voice line for RTJ.

Well to be fair, constantly having a character say “f*ckboi” over and over again is stupid even for a rated M game

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could have always toned it down like Zombie Char “braiins”. But I do understand why they removed it completely.