Imagine playing on mansion rite now

Dark rainy on mansion sounds like so much fun. Please TC bring back mansion I love this map and it’s a classic that hasn’t been redone a million times like canals, gridlock and blood drive. But at this 3 month rate with only 2 versus maps I don’t see us getting classic maps plus new maps very much.


I’d absolutely love this.

So would I and honestly tc doesn’t seem to listen to the main player base because we had more than at the least 5 threads from gears 4 asking for mansion river and jacinto not to mention the threads asking the same in 5 and we get lift :pensive:


Imagine playing anything other than Gears 5. Gears 5 doesn’t deserve Mansion, but I do miss it.


Gears 5 is too fast a game for mansion as it was. They’d have to heavily modify it

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I agree main map I want back. Especially rainy and dark not light last time

How would escalation work on Mansion?

Agree, don’t think this map would work unless they build like a backyard with a guest house

Still wouldn’t mind that. Mansion is beast

Speaking of Escalation, bring that map back too! :wink: I loved that map for KOTH

Imagine playing a decent map in gears 5
I surely can’t


Bring back Fuel Depot, Bullet marsh and War Machine.

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I’m in the minority.

I do not want anymore remakes of Gear 1-3 maps unless they completely remake it and add in new areas to accommodate 5 v 5 combat and modes like guardian/escalation.

Gears 1 was made for 4v4 warzone/execution.

Plus after 13 years of gridlock and mansion and canals, kinda sick and tired of seeing them.

I’d rather have 2 new maps

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I’d love to see Mansion come back, it is one of my favorite maps of all time, but if they bring it back they should add more graphical details, upgrade the look a little…I don’t want to feel like I’m playing the exact same map again, needs to feel fresh.

I actually love all the new G5 maps and I think they look great and are well designed, I want to see new stuff but I’m fine if they bring out older favorites as well.

I agree about gridlock (I’m burned out of gridlock) as it has been in every game bar judgement (shudders), but I’d love to play maps like mansion and River again.

If TC were capable of consistently making good maps, this urge wouldn’t be as strong.

The only map they’ve made that is good is allfathers arena imho. Diner wasn’t too bad either. That’s not saying much in 2 games though.

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Well judgement redid blood drive and I thought it was great. They added a staircase in the back to have two ways to get to spawn. Mainly for FFA players.

It’s stuff like that I wish they would add to things like the mansion if they brought it back.

Old yet new

Now imagine playing Mansion in Gears 5 ranked.

You get one teammate who is AFK and another who is legitimately playing his first match in his life. Another one is spamming “hey!” and the other keeps grabbing snipe, although he can’t hit anything to save his life. Your shots don’t register although the pellet indicator/hit marker shows otherwise and you keep getting 96% or 0% from point blank range while your opponents laugh at your pea shooter and gib you from the same range. Regardless, you manage to nab MVP and outscore everyone in the match twofold, only for the ranking system to tell you to do better and derank you two ranks.

Thats the experience you are to expect in Gears5 Mansion.


Imagine not playing this trash rite now



Mansion is the new River.