I'm us east playing people from Kuwait?

So I start a Koth match today and the lag and timing is all goofy. I see most people in lobby with over 100 ping, I keep dying to this guy that has 250-300 ping entire match so I message him. He tells me he lives in Kuwait! I’m USA east coast!!! TC something has to be done about this, it’s unbelievable in 2018 I’m playing someone across the world in a “AAA” multiplayer title!! I know for a fact there is people playing where I live my friends list is full of them playing! There is no excuse to be playing whoever, wherever anywhere in the planet. Please acknowledge and do something about it, like now before gears 5. I won’t spend any money on another title until it’s fixed.


Sadly, this is what Quality of Service Matchmaking is…

In September, when players start matchmaking they will first look for a match on their best data center. If a match is not available, additional data centers will be added over time (based on latency, not region) until a match is found. The end result should mean higher quality matches with the lowest possible latency.” - Gears 4 September 2017 Matchmaking

Should have done added a strict [ing filter to group pings of a similar range into one match and not mix them with low ping players.

Not too long ago (Norway btw, so Europe) Played a 4 stack out of Australia. Still, felt better then certain players I encounter playing on East Coast servers.
Again, I have no issue with this. What I do have an issue with, is me not being able to choose what region. Played a Horde game a few days ago, landed on Brazilian server.

I 100% think that the matchmaking we used to have worked better. There was region jumpers here and there but now I rarely play in the servers that are close to me and I know it’s not due to low player base. Again I’m from us east

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The game did play smother on the old system. This one is better in theory but has resulted in major delay issues for me.

Regarding distant players, keep in mind that if they squad up with someone in your region you will end up with them in your games.

Wasnt this it like this on the old system too?


Yes, I’ve made a lot of friends from all over and if they join my game or I theirs, we go into the other one’s region. Whoever is further away will get more lag but, also sponge too. I have a friend in PR with bad internet who gets a ton of kills just walking up to enemies using no cover movement. They have a hard time landing shots on him and having played him in a private lobby, I can see why.

When people refer to “host” in this game, it’s not in the old sense but in the sense that the regional server will be the one closest to the party leader (from what I’ve seen).

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So, Ranked VS lobbies these days on EU server: African player pinging 180, Indian solid 160, Saudi 150… When we 5-20ms are not suspended due to lobby mess dissolving, matches are pure trash league… Yet you complain about Mexicans lol

Then spiking wifi warriors, the worst kind 25-250ms just save ammo, they sponge frags, boom, drop…
Then stacked teams from overseas plus those mentioned above.

Then ofc suspensions for both teams, oh TC is updating servers who cares if players get banned and credits deducted…


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completely sick of being penalized by this game for having a very good connection to the US East server

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how do you know that this guy said the truth? there are tons of smurfs out there

I’d rather see a country of origin tag over ping. Ping means nothing. Ping packets do not reflect actual connectivity. And. I’d like to be able to quit a match before it begins and once the other team’s country tags are revealed. Without penalty. But when will we ever get what we want? With TC that answer is never. Well… it would be, if they ever answered, It’s amazing how little they care, And amazing they haven’t been sued. There are elements of this game which are arguably illegal and violate consumer protections in our state. Just saying.

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