I'm tired of instant kill Scions dropshot

Every time I try to avoid the dropshot, there is always that damn dropshot bound and instant kill me !


Rebound, huh? I don’t think I the Scions are that skilled.


He’s talking about when the dropshot bounces and you hear the Clink-Clank of death as it rolls around on the ground near you.


I know what he’s damn talking about.


I’ll be going then.


The drop shot couldn’t be easier to avoid.

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If it bounces around it actually moves a good little bit at times.

When it drills into the ground sure.

When I hear the sound of it bouncing around, I turn and run the other way.


exactly. I made a mistake .thanks

that’s what I do every time but I feel like it’s following me… I’m not the only one going through this. there are a lot of players who tell me the same thing.


If you stay close to the juvies then they’ll can insta kill too for variety.

Pouncers also like doing it which is or would be just as annoying if they didn’t only spawn on waves 9 and 10. Or 3/4 of a Frenzy wave set in most spawn patters. Or Scions. Or Leeches. Or pretty much any enemy that will execute players.

RE the main subject, the Dropshot bouncing has been present as an insta death BS in Gears 4 as well, and it was just as stupid. Just be lucky they appear to have removed the AI being capable of headshotting players with the Dropshot. Actual headshots resulting in instant death, to be perfectly clear. They could do that in 4s Horde.

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You would think a headshot from the Dropshot would be an instakill and a bouncy one would just down you but nope. You hear that scary bonk bonk bonk sound and you better grab your kids and book it before you die without warning.

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Indeed, the same problem on Gears 4. Many times I was killed by it.


I’ll never understand that either. In horde you can be resuscitated by a teammate but in escape in master it’s a mess if you die at the beginning by a Dropshot bouncing.

Don’t cry is just a game mechanic and you have to improve a new strategy

Because it’s totally something you can predict and “counter” so well when it’s completely random where and how the Dropshot will bounce around. Get off your high horse.


thanks for answering for me.

I think that I can understand the complaint. A bug with Dropshots since GoW4 is that if caught in a bounce shot, the drillbit will instantly kill you outright even in Co-Op modes, as if you got chainsawed. It doesn’t down you like normal which means you can’t be revived up from it.

Annoying and can be a run ender in things like Ironman Escape, but otherwise yeah it is usually pretty easy to see it coming and avoid, yes.

Here is a heck of a one that happened to me RIP:


This has always annoyed me. Something that should blow up your head downs you, while something that bounces around you instantly kills you. It makes no sense and should be the other way around.