I'm tired of getting banned for a week for disconnecting

It seems like Gears’s Matchmaking ban is out of control. My wi-fi is not the best at times, due to my location but I still like to play ranked, cause I like playing against good players, but I’ve already been banned several times for multiple days due to the fact I was disconnected from a ranked match and couldn’t connect back to the Gears server to rejoin.

BESIDES, Gears 5 is coming out soon so why keep this quit ban so harsh? I haven’t committed to Gears in awhile because frankly, I got bored, but I finally hop on in spirit to actually pick it back up, and I’m banned for seven days for a disconnect and fail to rejoin.

Please unban me TC, I’m tired of playing Fortnite!

P.S. : I know how the ban works
I know my internet is ■■■■■■, don’t need suggestions about my ISP
This is just a request to unban me so i can play
I just wanna play my favorite game

The way that the ban works is that the more you quit without finishing matches the higher the penalty will be

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I get that but I’m not quitting. That’s what I’m saying.

It’s bad idea to play Ranked if you know you have frequent disconnect problems. Maybe you need to get your router fixed? Like restarting, for example?


So I’m forced to be subjected to playing with bots and noobs in social? I shouldn’t have the option for an actual competitive experience because my internet sucks? Yeah, Ok screw that.

You’re forced to play with disconnects. But I would normally go into Social instead, when it was happening to me. But not anymore.


No offense but you shouldnt be allowed in ranked if your internet is that bad that you get disconnected a lot. You ruin the experience for others, Try hard wiring your system


Yeah! ok, great. Thanks .

In my experience, it doesn’t have to be wi-fi to get disconnected. I’ve been disconnected frequently while hard wired as well. There’s other things like copper wiring, problem on ISP end. But even upgrading to fibre optic can fix the frequent disconnection through hard wired and wi-fi.


Indeed you’re totally right!

I understand that, But also from what Im reading this person doesnt have many options for ISP so its probably his equipment causing the frequent problems and a hard wire could be a quick fix that wont require them to go out and buy new equipment or maybe he could call his ISP and see if either A) theres something newer they can upgrade to or B) trade the equipment in for a newer version (something I have done in the past because something shorted out)

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Yes. You are. That’s what happens when you constantly leave your team with a man down, disconnects or otherwise.


Yea sorry. If you have crappy internet that’s a “you” problem. Not the games.

I honestly want you banned if you’re going to get DC’ed often anyway, especially if you KNOW it’s an issue for you. When your internet craps out it affects everyone in the game. Stop being so selfish to think you are entitled to something. Get better internet/network or play something like social where you can’t be punished.

“It’s so dumb they took away my driver’s license because I have narcolepsy and just randomly fall asleep at the wheel.”

That’s you. That’s how you sound.


Yes, because you are fking over your teammates otherwise. It’s that simple.


Yes because otherwise you are going in knowing you are likely to d/c and screw over the rest of your team.


Closing as the OP has been explained why it is an issue and they don’t need to get any more people piling on them.