I'm starting to hate sequels

Sequels are pissing me off. If the gameplay is completely different it should be called something else instead of just trying to cash in on the name. Changing the formula doesn t mean throw it out and start completely over. God of war and assassin’s creed are completely different from where they started and really should be called something else. It is OK for a series to end and just remaster it every few years. Both assassin’s creed and God of war turned to dark souls ish style of combat but if I wanted to play dark souls I’d play dark souls. I play assassin’s creed for the assassin’s creed gameplay and God of war for the God of war gameplay. Thank God devil may cry 5 looks similar to the rest of the series. It’s ok for things to die and create something new.

It seems like the next game is called Gears 5, there is no “of war”. So they kind of called it something else.

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I don’t think they changed it, it’s just evolved.

It’s still Gears at its core but it has been improved upon.

What you would be asking for is virtually the same game but with a new number.

TC want to try and improve and evolve the feel and play for the better :+1:

I don’t know about other games and this is exclusively Gears Forum, but the core mechanics and gameplay are very similar to be called Gears.
It’s even of the same universe, still Gears.

When did i ever mention gears people? I admit I made a slight mistake by putting it in general discussion because I didn’t see the scroll bar at first but still. And it’s in the off topic section now.

With the exception of Myrah and maybe Kait eventually I guess

Maybe Myrrah could have her own origin game or something to explain how much of her human side was still intact by gears 3. I hope that gears 5 has some levels inside Kait’ s nightmares where you have to battle yourself to keep your human side. To answer your question it’s Galen Merek/Starkiller from the force unleashed series.

Yeah that would really suck. I forget if Marcus ever explained what it felt like other than the hive mind thing. I just wish that the story gets completely finished by gears 6 and doesn t end up like a zombie as with almost every other series baring a few examples

Sure theres always going to be stuff you can add to the story, there’s a 25 year gap between 3 and 4 so hypothetically eventually it could be about Kait or James’ children in gears of war 9 or whatever. I just don’t want it to turn into Disney star wars where there’s no end in sight. At a certain point it should be like a Batman or Spider-Man movie where the actor gets replaced every few movies and the we just know that the past actor in no way affects this new story for the new audience.

Imagine that, Gears of War 9 !

And people complained about robots in 4 haha

Robots will be all there is by the time we get to 9. No more humanity or creatures left :+1:

That would be great if they gave you an option to save Kait from that snatcher or let her die…Looks like I will never beat Gears 5 if that’s the case

Yeah you’re probably right…well looks like I will beat the game after all