I'm somewhat impressed!

I’ll be making a megapost soon regarding my synopsis of the tuning, having spent a good while getting a feel for the movement and each of the new weapon tunings.
This is more a sidenote about the FreeLC/Store content that’s come out in the past couple weeks.

Locust Sniper got added. Perfect! Exactly who I wanted! Now I’ve got my Gears 1 and 2 characters back.
Been waiting patiently for my 4-eyed grub nerd.

Cold-Blooded pistol pack. The Boltok one was awesome and made me feel a pro for unlocking it. Had no shame in using my Gears Coins to get the Talon and Snub versions. Utterly cruel and I f*cking love them. Nicely done.

The new Decapitation execution for the Lancer makes me moist and reeks of old-school Gears savagery. It’s made me roar in bloodlust and made enemy players leak salty tears on the game chat. Finally a worthy replacement for the Slicer. Just a small shame I rarely get to pull it off seeing as the Lancer is now an inaccurate pebble shooter.

Now. Op.6 - Savage Locust Drone.

Make it happen, and I’ll give you my undivided attention, again.

Skaventide out xoxo

I would appreciate it if they used their Gears 3/UE voicelines, and not just pitched down normal Locust lines like in 4.


I loved that non argument when it was okay to keep Skorge the same voice in Gears 4 because they “wanted to stay true to the character” only to turn around and fu** with the savage Locust voices. Because reasons.

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It’s TC, let’s be real, here.

Such optimism.

I said the same thing back then because, how would he sound like? I wouldn’t have been completely against it, but I was like “what could they do?”

Simply giving him new voice lines with the same voice as Gears 4 Kantus did not cross my mind.

Though they should have left the Kantus’ voice alone (basically Gears 3 lines) with the exception of new grenades and other necessary voice lines. All the new Kantus lines could have went to Skorge to make him unique.

Wow, you must be deranged by this point

It’s been a lot of hard work…

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