I'm so sick of ranked

Ranked is ■■■■,

Stacks are everywhere, it’s frustrating playing solo.

You get penalized for carrying the team if you lose. You get jack ■■■■ for winning games. So you never rank up.

■■■■ Ranked.

Yeah, it’s trash right now because of the system.

I just carried my team in KOTH against a 5 man. Most kills, caps, breaks, and points in the entire game for both teams. Barely lost. -168.


It use to not be like that. I use to always still get points even though I lost. Just so funny my rank depends mostly if I have a quitter or not. Which is almost every match one team is guaranteed to have one. I just hope TC new Ranking system takes that BS into consideration.


Yeah, that was when the ranking system was based off performance more than win/loss. I still get points when losing, but I have to absolutely slay like crazy for it to happen.

Yep, I’ve had stretches where I’ve had a person quit 5 games in a row. It’s stupid. The original ranking system was the best one because it rewarded playing well. Now you’re rewarded if you stack which is why you’re seeing a ton of them now.

Edit: Just had another random quit. This system is so stupid.


Biggest issue, Gold being paired with Masters, bs matchmaking

I’d gladly take Gold’s on my team. I always get players who barely get 10 elims in KOTH for an entire game. And it’s usually always vs. a stack which makes it extra frustrating since they already have the comms advantage.

Stacks are annoying.

But getting paired with other randoms with better skill is a bit of a treat people should relish.

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