I'm so dissappinted, MP sucks!

100 %, i missed Gears 4 after playing a couple of matches!


I want to touch on something. I am not bashing Gears. Sure, I may not be one of the best. What I am talking about is because I love this series. I had a clip. I was showing some people what happened. I literally hit 16 lancer shots. You could count them. The player kills me and I get 2 hits for 13%

It is something that happens in Gears 4 to people. I know a lot of people that have the issue. And have read people post about it on different forums. I saw this same issue in the test for this and read about it. Here and other places. And of all the people I know that have played this they all get it. Not a connection issue with my ISP or gear. And I know for fact it is not for a good number of the others. Not all but enough.

I just care about how it works. In 4 often I would see high ranked people eating shots in Arms Race. And look, I did well most of the time. I won more than 60% of my matches. Almost all my MVP ribbons are from these matches. I get those often in that mode. But you run into these people and they will run across an open area while a teammate and I are shooting them with the lancer. They just run through it, get on us, and gnasher us. Nothing we can do because of kills to move on. And we only get credit for part of the bullets. Are we missing? No, the gameplay videos show we are hitting. We are seeing the hits in our gameplay as we play. But we get only a few bullets counting. And just die. There is literally no way to compete with that and it is happening to them and myself in Gears 5.

I am not insulting the devs either. I have a lot of coding background. On the network side my stuff is fine. Hell, I get 20-30 range ping or lower. Have teens very often for matches. And in 5 peoples pings have been great. But yet you hit them with 5 shots from a boltok and they run away. Yet a teammate of theirs who is not in combat and has been sort of hiding dies in 2. You come around behind because you saw them spawn and run there. And from the same approximate distance that player takes 2.

Same for myself. I have died from 2 boltok shots and I have been hit with 5 from a player to die. Nobody else hitting me. And my shots on the two players included headshots. Some can run away through two people shooting them. Others fall over after just a small burst. From full health. I know because I have been full health, started shooting and enemy player, and they turn and immediately down me. So fast and it is obvious I hit more shots than they did.

This is why I think I have seen some people say the lancer is fine and other say it is op. Even had a few say it takes too much. And same with the gnasher. Had people say it is beast mode. Others say it is weak and the game caters to the lancer. It is the different experiences at different times of matches. For many when the things they want work well they never pay attention so they do not realize that there is a huge lack of consistency. This is the #1 issue I think Gears 4, now 5, needed and needs to address. Because without that consistency it breaks the “skill” base of the game. Because I win over that Diamond 5 in Gears 4 over and over and we win the match handily. They have 2 diamonds and 3 onyx. We have my son, a diamond, myself who was an onyx, and 2 silver and a bronze. The bronze player died over 30 times with 1 kill and we barely died and won. I literally am not that good. But my guns were more powerful than the other players that match and I lived through stuff that would normally kill me.

Fixing this should be something all players want. But you can bet that some realize they are the benefactor most of the time and do not want to see it fixed.

I was in a ranked game earlier trying to finish 5 games to determine rank. The three games played have been no fun. I’ve been playing GOW from the start. I’m playing with randoms. My team individual rank score is around 10 or below the other teams individual rank score 20-40
. I played against someone who had over 40 kills. My teams total rank lower then 50 against opposing team total rank over 130. My team all rage quit I was the last to leave and I threw my controller down.

We’re all also not 14 years old anymore. Notice anything?

I have to agree with the OP.

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Couldn’t agree more. In my first 10 seconds I realized they tried to make this game casual as a last ditch effort to get some cash like advanced warfare did for CoD. I had to kill 4 people to get a shotgun, couldn’t get a shotgun if I used a lancer. I killed someone 40 ft away in less than a second by bursting at their head with a lancer.

SPAWNING! I spawned into 3 enemies constantly. I had enemies spawn in between me and 2 friends while we had grenades tagged everywhere. Like they legitimately spawned INSIDE of us it was so close what on earth were they thinking saying this was ready to launch soon…


I’m re-up 1 level 31 right now man omg I am trying to like the MP but just can’t it’s just so bad so noob friendly, Im interested to know how many people will even stay after a month lol. The game has literally the worst maps I’ve ever seen in a gears game, everything is unbalanced, flash grenades are literally cancer, and oh boy is the movement slow and clunky in mp. Plus am I playing cod? Wtf are up with the spawn points so bad

At least the escape an horde seem decent still haven’t been able to finish campaign since how broken this game is but from what I’ve played it’s good. Can’t wait to finish the campaign for gears 5 so I can just go back to gears 4


agreed, the ranked versus is a joke i get people on my team who dont know what is happening and the other team has all experienced players. the spawns are broken in koth, guardian is a camp fest, and tdm is lancer fights. not enjoyable to play, also on pc the audio is terrible. i can hear footsteps across the map and sometimes i cant hear footsteps right behind me. cant forget about all the bugs that made my campaign experience god awful. they said 20-24 hour campaign took me 10 hours to beat with all side objectives and almost all collectibles. i feel cheated


They betrayed us too much. They went out of their way to change every single little thing.

I ask you all, what did they NOT change? I literally can’t think of one thing that stayed the same.

All that love and hype comes from the casuals who won’t stick around longer than a piece of wet toilet paper on a mirror.

We, the Gears of War veterans, got sold out.

I’m also so disappointed. Extremely disappointed because I didn’t give up on them all these years. I survived the atomic bomb of Gow J and stuck with the franchise and now they have given up on me.

That is what disappoints me so much.

They made the game too casual. They lowered the skill ceiling, they took away the skill gap.

Gears, the gears that the actual community likes, is one of polar opposites. On one end you have the people that will be bad and either get better or quit. On the other end you have us, the ones who took the time to improve.

What did they do? A positive for noobs, a negative for veterans.


yes, ALL the maps are campy as heck. Finally someone else who points this out.


Exactly! Noob friendly and not even that but the maps are designed around a very casual style of play


The maps definitely make it slower paced but you just have to flank and play smart. IMO this is a good thing - it seems everyone in previous games just wanted to be able to sprint half way across the map with a Gnasher whilst sponging.

I presume 95% of this forum are playing on a controller. As a KB/M player this style feels much more modern and weighty. Gears 4 had excessive emphasis on wall cancelling and not much on aiming and mid-range tactics / positioning. This game tries to deter 1-trick Gnasher ponies that spam A.

I’m really, really struggling with the flashbangs. They are way over the top and actually making me feel physically sick. This is a legitimate issue for me I think my mp time is going to be very limited on 5, which is a shame.

Also to add, I can’t get the movement down either, trying to use various set ups, currently using the same as Gears 4, but still not “feeling it”

Is 5 as broken as judgement was.?

I would take J over this at the moment.

Just to add, I have enjoyed the campaign immensely and Escape is fun. Other than that, not great

Wow that is saying a lot.

The Mp team is for some reason in complete denial about what makes gears great. Dueling and power weapons are a key part of the excitement and they are ignoring that,

OP rifles will never been fun both in their damage, recoil and their clip size and range they are all terribly overpowered to the point of disgrace.

Just go back to UE like everyone else is and experience greatness again.

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Already went back! It’s alive and well!

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This is Literally word for word how I feel, I 1000% could not agree with you more.


But those players dont want that.

“Casual” players want skilled combat too. They dont want dumbed down mechnics.

Also streaming is big and people want to watch thier favourite streamers play well. They cant do that because of thess things.