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I'm so dissappinted, MP sucks!

I’ve been a loyal fan for 13 ■■■■■■■ years, I’ve been playing this game longer than most of you guys have been developing this game and I am so upset that I was stupid enough to pay for this product as a show of support for my favorite franchise instead of just getting the game with game pass. Let me give you some free advice as the devs somehow have no idea what makes this game good. I understand the gnasher duels and wall bouncing makes this a niche game that not a lot of people want to play as the skill curve is high and you attempted to make it easier to get into. Unfortunately for you making the lancer so God damn strong wont attract new players the only thing it does it make it unbearable for the fans that are playing it. The Lancers should be nothing more than pea shooters, you want to do ranged damage then you battle it out for the power weapons. I don’t know what you did but headshots are broken and too easy to get, i accidentally hip fire head shot already with the torque and long shot which was a broken thing from judgment. Also, put 8 bullets back into the shotgun not this 6 thing, it’s as if you guys don’t want people to use the 1 weapon that literally made this game the hit that it is. There are so many other things I’m just exhausted thinking about it. You either dont know what makes this game special or knowingly decided to ditch it in favor of making it more casual in a wasted attempt in drawing in more players. I’m playing 4 again. Hopefully you guys figure it out and fix this garbage.

You guys committed the cardinal sin "Don’t fix what isn’t broken!


Couldn’t agree more


Yup, Gears is not, and never will be a causal game


They had to cater to the casual crowd. They need more people buying their overpriced skins. Gears will never be high skilled as it was before. TC has shown me that they prefer dumbing down the game in favor of pleasing new and casual players. They added a hammer which will net you kills behind a wall. Lol


Gnasher also downs in one in a quarter shots. No more strafe play, hardly any aim precision. It’s bad. I’ve also noticed my aim snap a bit when pop shooting. It’s completely unneeded.


Couldn’t have agreed more. This game has been a big waste of money.


Agree a 100% Gears 5 is broke!! Lancer is OP, flashgrenates suck and i dont wanna start over the red screen… We are already back at Gears 4!


I thought I’d be thoroughly impressed with this game after hearing about “GoW3 style unlocks!” and whatever else from all of the positive marketing. I was completely, and utterly wrong. My disappointment with this game is immeasurable and Gears 5 is ruined.


The game is fine, me and my casual player friends are loving it, seems no longer a 1 trick pony, im sure you will find one of the Gears games that suits you, learn adapt and play, cheers Gears1 vet.


You’ll be back.

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I agree besides my biggest disappointment is no execution in ranked. I’ve been playing execution since the Gears 1 and to get on this and have to play it in basically private matches just made me not want to play the game.


Personally, I think this is one of the best Gears games yet. I have played Gears of War since day 1. There are issues with the game for sure, but I am having a blast playing it. I prefer Gears 5 over Gears 3, Judgement, and 4 easily. Not sure if its as good as 1 or 2 yet. Need to play more to make up my mind.

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i totally agree with the topic…the game is simply unplayable…im so sick and tired of dev´s trying to casualize every single game. weapons balance is bad and pings are higher than snoop dogg. jeeezuz they need to fix this game ASAP.

If they dont, they wil lose a die hard gears 1 veteran!


I disagree. TC explicitly stated they wanted to do their version of Gears. Gears of War 4 catered to what the “classic” fans want, which is more of the same. How many years do you want them to keep re-releasing the same game with the same weapons and same tuning? I think it was the right call to shake things up whilst keeping the iconic core gameplay the same. It sounds like some people would rather they re-released Gears 3 than to actually make a new game. Those older games still exist, and are playable.


Don’t think I’ve enjoyed a Gears multiplayer any less than I’m enjoying Gears 5 right now. The game is a mess not just in regard to bugs. Maps promote camping, seriously I’ve had so many games where I’ve been stuck in spawn because of the open spawn points, or players camping on high grounds that have full view of the open areas. The Lancer ruins every match, being melted Everytime you get out of cover or spawn isn’t my idea of fun. Matchmaking sucks because of the broken ranks - new players being put in teams against Diamond equivalent players, c’mon man. I could go on but I really hate the state the game is in right now.


This game keeps getting worse. MP is unplayable. Sponging almost every shot. I shoot someone straight in the head and nothing happens, NOTHING!!! I record to see if it’s me and nope, the shot never registered!!!

The Coalition is GARBAGE!!! The worse gaming development team out there. They have no idea what they are doing, NO CLUE!!! The Coalition should be dismantled and get rid of. Rod Fergusson IS AN IDIOT!!!


Just wondering if this game is ever gonna work properly? I’m a die hard gears fan and when I do get to play it I am very satisfied. I have limited time to play and turned down shifts to play a lot with this early access and it has been awful. It took 10 mins just now to connect to the gears server.


I agree and people who say they cant release the same game dont fix whats not broken.

The way the shotgun works is the same its about hitting your shots but the lancer needs a nerf the better player will kill the bad player 9/10 times

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Casual??? Gears is not casual, it’s hardcore gnasher battle and fighting for power-weapons