I'm sad I bought this game

I loved the campaign. Bugged to hell, freezing at loading screens, not loading in things like weapons, enemies that are sometimes immortal, but the storyline is great.

The multiplayer, however, made me uninstall the game. It was designed by someone who doesnt game.

Doesnt load profile preferences. Didn’t get the ultimate edition specials I paid for. All matches across all modes disconnects randomly. Freezes at any point, loading screens in game and etc.
The most frustrating issue? My gun will decide it’s a nerf gun. Regularly. I go down if someone shoots the ■■■■■■■ sky with a gnasher. The take 1% damage when I shoot them in the face. Cannot play competitive at all with this issue. Stuck someone with a grenade? They shake it off. 3 mags from a lancer against an opponent? Why, they can turn around and 1 shot you at 50 yards with a lancer! Game after game after game.

80 bucks. Wow.

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What is it with people loving this campaign?? Act 1 and 2 was brilliant but Act 3 got boring and Act 4 was laughably pathetic at best, same with Boss fight in Act 3 and 4!! I don’t get it, haven’t you guys played Gears 1-3?

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I think I enjoyed the campaign because its been awhile since I got to play a decent campaign. But, yeah your right the original trilogy was absolutely unmatched by anything this or gow4 have done.