I'm really sad right now, they destroying the only game I play since 2007

I was playing 10 min ago and I’m feeling everyday more frustrated cus this game means a lot to me, the only one I play since 2007, no one game has this rush and catch all my attention like this one, I spent hours, days, years playing and now im really sad cus they cannot listen to the old players, they trying to make a game easy for the new generation but forgeting that we exist, today in every sigle match I’m dealing 90 +% in every close shot with gnasher, wtf is that? 97, 98, 99, 92, c’mon how is this posisble? I mean it’s ok one or two every a few matches, but 10 o 15 times in a single round? And boomshot it’s like shooting confetti. Please Listen to the old school players, I accepted that Warzone, execution is gone, ok. But at least give us well tune weapons please!


This right here. I have been playing since Gears of War 1 and it feels like a slap to the face… I was a diamond 2 (now diamond 1) because the gnasher is always against me lol. Free for All becomes a rage fest because point blanks don’t mean nothing. You’ll shoot them, and then they just walk casually up to you and body you :joy: maybe we should try meleeing if they sponge? Oh, and you can never hear the footsteps, people shooting where I originally was and still killing me. Can’t forget about if you play horde, there’s those pesky aimbot across the map elite drone. Games imposible. Hopefully it gets fixed so I at least get master. I’m okay with losing but not when it’s fake. :rofl:

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How is shotgun inconsistency anything to do with catering to new players? If anything, that makes new players mad because they would wonder why their shots aren’t gibbing when they should be. This is network-related.

This is hilarious. Please learn how to use the boomshot. It’s the easiest weapon in the game to get kills with. Splash damage alone is ridiculous.