I'm pretty salty right now

No 3080 for me. This is crystalized sodium.

Maybe I’ll try for a 3090. Anyone here have any luck?

I read they went from Notify Me to Out of Stock within a second :sweat_smile:


we mostly are going to buy XBOX SERIES X around here…

there are only a few of our friends here who are rich and are planning to buy such mounstrosity.


Microcenter had 12 cards. 12. Didnt even attempt an online order, I knew that would be clown shoes without a bot

No reason for me to get an X as all things ill play are going to PC, Demon souls has me considering a ps5.

Not rich, getting a 3090 would mean some of my car parts wait. Decisions decisions

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Bought a 2080ti a few months back for £1250

Yes, I had luck

Bad… lol

Car parts.???
Now tht is a massive money pit.
I know from experience. Many times. Even after i finally relaized it and stopped for 10 yrs. I went re tard again and started putting money into the pit.
But it finally got out of my system. Never again. Unless I win the lottery for over a 100 million.
I ll buy tc instead and make gears the way i want. You know. The correct way :smile:

I can definitely relate to that. Stopped doing crazy stuff when a particular shop charged me to build an engine that lasted all of 20k miles. Im not planning to do anything to crazy to this one, just some coilovers to stiffen the ride a bit ( a little too much roll in the bends for me) and maybe dp + cat if these cars will let you get away with it without tuning

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