I'm pretty good at aiming tbh

Placebo? Its a documented fact.

Your current argument is that aggressive aim assist doesn’t make a difference?

The lancers/rifles in general do NOT stick to you the same in escalation/execution because aim assist isnt enabled. That isnt placebo or opinion, that’s just how it is.

You’re absolutely right that people will improve, master the recoil and have better aim over time, but it won’t be the same as core because no matter how well you can aim, you can’t predict how your enemy will move and so you will miss shots. With aim assist you don’t need to predict movement because your crosshair will stick to the target.

It’s no coincidence that there are hundereds of posts from avid gears players asking “Wtf happened to movement” and “Why cant I dodge shots”

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Bruh this is why the game is in the condition it’s in. There’s players like the one you’re arguing with that just have no clue what’s actyally going on. The game is balanced around these folk. Their sheer lack of awareness is dragging the game down with them.

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My arguement was the complete opposite, the lack of aggressive aim assist makes no difference. Escalation plays like Gears 4 and people can still laser you because the recoil pattern is weak. If you’re getting 100% tracked during your wall bounce by lancers that is on your end for being predictable, aim assist is strong but it will not stick to someone with a good bounce.

Your argument is not the complete opposite, it’s literally the exact same thing.
“The lack of aim assist makes no difference” = “Aim assist makes no difference.”

Kind of nullifies your entire argument when it’s based around something that is clearly just false.

I’m NOT getting tracked whilst strafing/bouncing in escalation and execution, thats my point. In other modes it is unavoidable because the aim assist DOES stick to your bounce.

The entire problem is amplified by headshot damage also. Without aim assist you’ll notice you rarely actually hit multiple headshots in a lancer burst, whereas in core modes the majority of my shots land as headshots.

I understand it to a point. At the end of the day TC is a business, and they can’t exclusively cater to the 1% if they want to continue to be successful.

With that being said I would also argue that the removal of aim assist isn’t a super hardcore request, it’s how all previous titles in the series were played by all players.

I’m fully on board with the damage changes to rifles, I’m not suggesting the game should revert to just wallbouncing gnasher duels 24/7, but this addition of aim assist changes everything about how the game plays and completely flattens the skill curve. It makes the game boring for anyone even slightly above average.

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It makes no difference because good players can track with and without the reduced the aim assist how is that false? I don’t know what to tell you at this point, my personal experience differs from yours and we’re clearly not going to agree on anything.

Every single previous title had aim assist, TC only increased it for Gears 5 “core” tuning. Damage of rifles also stayed the same between Gears 4&5 only the fire rate with actives was increased to my knowledge.

1: Good players don’t hit every shot, not even close. Decently skilled players move unpredictably, and even if you have perfect aim you cant track someone if you don’t know where they are going to move because they have something called reaction time. Aim assist doesn’t have this, which is why it can track players regardless of their small movements.


Stop there.
So even if what you are saying in this sentence is true (Which it isn’t) then it still makes a difference to every player that isn’t “good” which would be approximately 50% of the playerbase, if we’re under the assumption that “good” is just anything above average.

When I say the removal of aim assist I mean reduction to levels of that in prior gears games. My entire point is that they have changed the core gameplay mechanics for 90% of the game and that they should be the same.

I heard it was bad but… yikes.

Yes it does. All ranked modes have either “core” or “competitive” aim assist. See this: Can we please have more game modes without aim assist

I’m aware. As I’ve already said when I talk about aim assist I’m referring to the new and much stronger aim assist added in 5.

I think we all know that controller based games have baseline aim assist and nobody has a problem with that.

You said it didn’t exist in escalation or execution, hence my comment.

But it looks like you just didn’t articulate your initial comment in a way that implied that. All good :+1:

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“Only” the modes that everyone plays, right? :smirk:
And, regarding rifles, how is it the same damage if the DPS increases with actives?

Players also miss shots with the new aim assist, for goodness sake it doesn’t do the aiming for you or perfectly track bounces like you make it sound like.

You literally started this convo over grinding to masters in TDM, in the context of masters level players yes the difference between the two aim assist levels does not matter in the long run.

Oh no I agree it is technically higher dps but it’s all a technicality, the damage per bullet is the same as Gears 4 is what I was trying to say

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This doesn’t make any sense, but I feel like you’re trying to say that the aim assist will make a difference in masters, but not at lower skill levels?

If that’s the case then I strongly disagree, it affects all skill levels.

It literally does do the aiming for you, that is it’s entire purpose.
Also bouncing/strafing revolves around small movements to make yourself unpredictable for your opponent. Small movements like these are completely countered by the the sticky aim that you are given in core modes. It’s a huge part of the game and this completely nullifies it.

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No you either misread or misunderstood my first point, the difference in aim assist between the 2 settings at higher skill brackets does not matter as much due to the players mechanical skill.

You’re more likely to be downed or gibbed due to the stupidly high lag comp window not aim assist. Go play quick play or throw some placements to play with low skill players. They will miss a majority of their shots when lancering if you bounce into them because they don’t know how to track good movement and aim assist is not just an “I-win” button.


As somebody who is in actually in masters I’m telling you for a fact that it absolutely does make a huge difference. You are speculating, whereas I’ve actually played with both low and high skill levels in both assisted and unassisted games.

At higher ranks mechanical skill matters less, that’s the issue. If somebody rushes me from medium range then it doesn’t matter whether they roadie run in a straight line or juke, strafe and bounce at me through 7 dimensions - I’m going to aim roughly around their head and down them in <2 seconds with my lancer.

The lancer btw, is just the tip of the iceburg. The aim assist also means that you almost never glance opponents with your gnasher, you either miss or you land almost all pellets and chunk them, which completely destroys gnasher gameplay for higher level players.

Then you move onto precision weapons: The longshot is unbelievably easy to land headshots with, it’s both cheap and unrewarding. The exact opposite of how it feels in literally every other gears of war.

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This is a bit much!


I’d like to think Diamond will suffice for experience, also considering escalation settings are the same as execution.

This literally contradicts how you got to a high rank in the first place but ok.

I’m done with this arguement it’s just going in circles. I’m glad we got so off-topic from the OP which was clearly a hit-box issue and had nothing to do with aim assist in the first place even though it got twisted that way.

It doesn’t contradict anything because I never said anything about how I got to masters? It was mostly positioning, because the best way to play core modes right now is to camp strong areas with lancers & power weapons and gun down anyone in the open. Which isn’t fun at all.

I’m glad your done.