I'm pretty good at aiming tbh

remove this thanks.

i hit 12 pellets btw :slight_smile:


ain’t we all Master Rank.

The gnasher did that in core in GOW4 to an extent too (I don’t think it gibbed tho)

This is on a whole other level of BS. It doesn’t only apply to gnasher. It applies to everything.

Combine this atrocity with aim assist and OP weapons and it’s the reason the skill gap has closed. Imagine if you could only get the gib with reticle on the enemy. What a game that would be!

The graphics in this game suck btw.


What are you implying exactly?

Isn’t this pretty normal on left-hand aim? Your reticle might not line up with the enemy but the barrel/gun does, especially with hitboxes being slightly outside the actual character model. The video quality on my phone is kinda bad tho so it’s hard to tell how well the barrel lines up, someone feel free to correct me


Aim assist enabled. This doesn’t happen in Execution or Escalation.

They need to remove it from other modes too IMO


Any video proof? This looks more like a hit box thing instead of aim assist…

No sorry not got a video.

Honestly I started playing execution after grinding master in TDM and suddenly realized I wasn’t automatically landing all my shotgun pellets and downing people in 2 shots every engagement.

Lancers don’t stick to you and down you if you’re in the open for more than 2 seconds. Its great.


Aim assist was enabled. this was just to show how stupid Aim assist + Bullet magnetism is together.

edit : well in this case its only bullet magnetism my bad :slight_smile:

Try this with the execution/escalation settings, they definitely increased aim assist that’s a fact but I don’t think there’s any bullet magnetism.
It looks more like the hitboxes being larger than the character model (which I can already tell you they are) and the alignment of your barrel.

Grats on masters, especially in the worst game mode in my opinion. Executions has been out for only a few days, give people a week or so of grinding to get adjusted and it will probably start feel similar to TDM.

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Imagine the people still trying to defend this absolute â– â– â– â–  gears game


Shocking! Video proof that this game is pure trash. Cheers TC for ruining the entire franchise, good luck fixing stuff like this with patches… they’ll have to rebuild it from scratch,

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Did you see all the gore? :joy:

I get killed like that on the daily.

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Agreed all ranked playlists should be tuned the way execution has been tuned. Less lancer damage, and no aim assist especially. Social can have all of the new player friendly elements to it.

I understand why they made a separate tuning for escalation because it’s their pro league game type, but they shouldn’t have put it in the ranked category and created its own like in gow4

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this tbh.

The reason it feels different is because the aim assist/bullet magnetism (Whatever we’re calling it) is turned off/significantly reduced. Player skill has nothing to with it. After a week, month or year of grinding it will still feel like a different game to modes with aim assist enabled.

That is what I’m talking about, you and everyone else in Masters have been grinding on a different tuning. It has everything to do with player skill and familiarity. Give people some time to get adjusted to the lesser aim assist and improve their tracking and rifling will be just as prevalent again

I dont think you understand the issue to be honest.

The lancer is still decent in non aim assist modes when used by people who know how, that’s not a problem. It’s as it was in 4, use cover and movement to evade or you die in the open, thats the game.

The problem is in aim assist modes you dont need to aim at all and you land every single bullet, resulting in undodgable laser lancers from people that have barely played the game.

People won’t grind and adapt to suddenly not miss any shots, the recoil is there, its harder to use. The game with aim assist is inherently different, and no amount of practice will change that.

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This honestly just sounds like a placebo effect. You’re saying in core modes the everyone has a lancer laser that sticks to you, but it’s a non-issue with execution settings. I haven’t played execution yet but have player escalation and it plays like Gears 4…where people still have lasers for Lancers because the recoil pattern is easy to control.

That is literally the whole point of grinding and adapting? You get better at the game and as a player so you don’t miss as many shots.
Look I’m glad you’re enjoying execution and all that but this now has nothing to do with the original topic/clip.