I'm Out of My Headset

I usually wear a headset - Turtle Beach 700. However, I’ve never heard anyone chatting beyond the usual bot talk expressions. No one has ever said something like “hang out here and kill stuff” or “pass me your GL and go buy another”, etc, etc. I can put speech to text on and it translates my gibbering well enough to know the mic is working. But no one has ever responded as I would imagine a typical chat should go. I’ve heard some screams that would indicate a happy outcome, but nothing strategic.

Am I using it correctly? I’ve no indication that the hardware is not functioning (wireless Xbox One X). I’ve Googled around for some kind of instruction, but references are pretty thin. It seems an essential capability for advanced game play. Is it underutilized?

There was a player whose game I joined that was piling barriers around the fabricator is if it was in danger of being destroyed. I simple voice chat would have help this person. Dude. fabricator is indestructible.

Also, what is with the melee as a means to communicate? It’s a bit pathetic when a player wants something from you (a weapon exchange) and they start thrashing. I was trying to fix a JD’s weapons locker once and “it” must have gotten PO’d thinking I was trying to steal a weapon and started to melee. The it grabbed a grenade launcher and promptly fired half a dozen rounds point blank as if to make a statement of ownership. Ironically they were standing too close and blew themselves up so I had to revive them. Must have been embarrassing.

Anyway, any advice on using a headset is appreciated.


Play with friends and join a party.

It’s very rare that anyone uses game chat. Parties have ensured of that because most of us, myself included, would rather communicate with their friends and not hear that one player with a bad microphone, rap music screeching in the background and someone just being toxic.


About to go lancer some people down lol. Just saying sup bro.

Long gone are the times where people would be considerate to others regarding background music / sounds. I had my fill in G4 with kids crying / loud music / toxic people. That crazy melee you describe seems to be universal “wtf are you doing”? sign.

I disabled voice chat a long time ago and now join a party only with friends.

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Out of my experience a lot of players are on their mics atleast listening…but don’t aren’t speaking. Occasionally I’ll hear someone munching on something or telling their kid to shut up lol.

Also everyone whines on game chat.

That is all so sad. All my friends play CoD. Mostly they just run around fracking each other time and time again. Most have never even played the CoD campaign which I was not too fond of. Why would you pony up $60 just to do PvP death matches? Community I guess.

So it sounds like things are physically working OK. I’d be nice if one could tell if another player(s) is mic’d up. I’ll keep listening, maybe say an occasional “what’s up?” If there are humans out there, perhaps I’ll make first contact.