I'm not saying I'd change the story but if I did

Don’t take it wrong way. I’m a big gears fan. And I’m quite happy with the campaign s and lore.

I’m just saying in a ‘what if’ sense. Would you liked of been different.

For example. I’ve read the books except for.bloodlines. and in several of the books there was commander Tresku of the UIR. Who still had a.small.fleet. this was before gears 3.

Personally I thought it would of been cool if this was.the reinforcments .that Baird and Cole set out for.

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Well… he is literally on voice comms in Gears 3 during the final assault on Azura. Guess three times whose small fleet it was that Baird, Cole and Clayton arrived with after they got the UIR ship from Halvo Bay.

Fair DOS, don’t remember those voice comm, been a while since I played.

I would have written rossi into gow 4 and expanded on him in 5, same for draper.

I would have allowed Queen Myrrah to have her vengeance on the antagonists and have her Locust Horde take their rightful place as the dominant species of Sera.

Something that would have easily happened had it not been for Marcus Fenix and friend’s plot armour.


Or those rotten kids and that stupid dog… wait. Sorry.


That’l would of been good. I personally would of made so Clayton died against her but in a badass way

I would of put more in from Griffith. He’s just vanished .

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Had he died when his Raven crashed it would’ve been badass enough, but the Carmines needed a win so he lived and the “curse” skipped him to Lizzie :joy:

I’d love to see Griffin back as well, in a cutscene where Marcus punches the living daylights out of him.

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Except there was Gary who’s apparently considered a black sheep among Carmines.

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Oh…that’s right. I completely forgot about him.

Says it all really.

My memory is failing me. Rossi is the navy commander yeah? Thought there should of been more on him

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No he was a gear that was the leader of a couple of squads and he ended up at anvil gate with hoffman.

He was friends with dom, marcus, tai and jace. He was planning with dom to break marcus out of prison. Cool character with a decent amount of story, unfortunately just never used.

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It’s been since I read the book. IL have refresh my brain.

Patrick Salton is another character they should of added. Hoffman’s sniper.

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Did you mean to respond to me or someone else?


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I honestly really liked the campaign in Gears 5. The only things I would’ve done differently are

  1. Make the second glider part shorter. It got really tedious after already going through one similar Part
  2. Make the choice towards the end of the campaign More impactful. I’m not gonna go into further detail so I won’t spoil anything.

Other than those two, I have no complaints. The story didn’t take too long to get up to speed and the characters were much more interesting this time around. Like the quality of both writing and voice acting got better, especially for Del (who felt like a forcefully added “comic relief character” in Gears 4). I think Kait was really well done too. Tbh she was the most interesting character in Gears 4 imo so I’m glad TC made her the main character in Gears 5.

I’m not too familiar with the lore or the stories outside the campaigns, though, so I can’t really say what I would’ve done differently from that perspective.

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Yeah I really liked gears 5 campaign.

For me the bit I would of changed was Coles Motorcycle stunt. I personally think that would of been a great moment to reintroduce Jace.