I'm not getting class XP

Ok, so first I thought I wasn’t getting XP because I was playing on a difficulty too low, with a class too high leveled. I did 10 waves on Inconcievable twice, and got no class XP.

Then, I played with a lower level class on Intermediate. No XP. What’s going on?

I searched “no class XP” and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so sorry if this was mentioned before.

The servers could be relapsing. I thought they quit crack.

Maybe they did and that’s the problem. :smiley:

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True, that could very well be it.

I demand we have an EXP Bonus for this posters troubles!

Seriously though I’ve been grinding quite a bit today and I’ve been getting EXP. Have you tried to reset, log out, alt account or anything? If you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall you could always submit a ticket but I hate suggesting that…

Honestly, it’s been happening a long time. I just chalked it to playing on too low of a difficulty since I almost always get on Horde just to fulfill objectives.

Then you probably wanna contact support or tag Kilo or Sara to have someone look at your account
It probably helps to provide some media showing its not working
video or images

Do the Surge on beginner or something.

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Hm. I got XP when I did 20 waves on Intermediate as a Lv. 13 class. Hopefully it was just some one-off glitch, because I definitely didn’t get XP on 10 waves of Inconcievable with a Lv. 17 class.