I'm not enjoying this game :(

I’m really having a sucky time on this game.

1 : TWO separate campaigns have bugged out with Jack and we can’t continue without switching players.

2: Horde is dulllll, it’s just boring, what happened?? The hero characters suck. The building sucks. It doesn’t feel like rounds build to anything.

3: Online VS is just weird. One game I rinse, the next I get smashed. Just can’t get to enjoy multiplayer and the arcade is just wank with auto headhsots.

Just not feeling this game so far at all. 4 was amazing. This just feels flakey. No depth or solidness to it.


Finally found a good group. Was doing great in horde few minutes ago. Then boom disconnected everyone at wave 30. Yay.

Horde was always boring, and teams in games especially when you solo queue are always gonna suck. i think ive had maybe 2 good teams in the 70 hours i put into multiplayer

I’m not getting along with PvP either. I was never great, but i got pretty solid in gears 4 toward the end. Felt i at least had a chance. Now i never know what’s going to happen. Matchmaking is horribly inconsistent. In one game I’ll feel I’m going against people of similar skill, then the next i get thrown up against guys who are way out of my league. Then i also never know if I’m going to be in a game where my gnasher shots are going to register or not. Something is seriously messed up with online in this game.