I'm not buying this "new improved ping"

They changed what they are measuring OR changed the units they are displaying the results in.

I think I might have mentioned this elsewhere, you can’t have a shorter network ping to an Azure data server than you have to your ISP’s default gateway, yet this is exactly what they are claiming, IF you keep thinking they are showing you “network ping in ms”

I don’t buy it, sorry…

People cried about mismatched team matchmaking so they stopped showing you ranks.

People cried about high ping, so they adjusted their ping calculations to show you a lower number.

Cosmetic attempts to just hide evidence of the problem, nothing more. IMO.


All i know is my game has been smooth since the update. Regardless if the ping is real or fake.


I second that @Drinkands_im also the gnshaer feels for me on point.

I played yesterday and did have a blast with tthe game.


ohhh, I"m not suggesting there were no implements in the game, not at all, I have no comment on that, but rather I’m not buying that the numbers you see now are still displaying the same thing as they used to: ms ping to the Azure server which is hosting your current game…


I don’t know how bad it was upon release but a quick fix patch seems to have resolved disconnection issues. I however have only had the game 1 month and I can’t even stay connected playing private horde. So I can’t comment on fake or actual ping but can comment that the game is for me, completely unplayable. It’s as if I haven’t got the update. I have contacted TC who acknowledged receipt of my issue via email. With a wait time of 28 days to be investigated. I really feel that this will be the end of my gears loyalty. TC strike me as insufficiently capable of delivering the kind of game that made us love it since day one.

I think they’re capable, but it seems demands of people have changed, in the sense that it’s almost impossible to meet those demands based on the time they have to meet those demands are demanded in :grin:

The quality of the game still takes a massive drop when matched with poor internet connections .


This is the best it has played in a while. I suggest enjoying it. Had a record low ping for me at 10-14. Even the matches were fast.

Lucky you. My disconnects are very frequent and it has nothing to do with my connection or ISP. I cannot even complete a private horde (super low ping) because a server side disconnect kicks in every time, usually around wave 25 to 35. I struggle to enjoy that. At least if horde lite was still an option I might get to finish a match.

Like I suggested in before tc revealed another hidden change , they definitely seem to be doing something shady with the ping changes.

As they seem to think this set up is how other games do it, I’m betting that however they are calculating pings to show in lobby has been effed up and most likely always has been.

There network team must know something’s off some where, they cant seriously see it show 1ms and think " yeah, this is fine" :dog: :fire: :fire:

Well, I am back to playing on 80-100 “ping” so whatever the "fix~ was was probably undone…

Having said that, the gsmes did feel good

I’ve def seen some pings way lower than I usually see. Saw about 5-6 under 10ms with a guy hitting as low as 1-2ms. That’s insane. If it’s real that’s great; less lag and more consistent gameplay but, like some have said, I kinda don’t buy it either.

Are they working on the lines in your area? Any kind of construction? They were working on mine in my area because of the new high school going in, had absolutely nothing to do with the ISP, and your situation sounds exactly like what I was going through at that time.

No…the lines are brand new installations, maybe a year old and the fastest by far in the UK . It’s only gears that has the issue of disconnecting. Other games are as they should be.

@JollyBunny44821 my man, I’ve been playing since launch, and have never had 1 .major issue w/disconnects in private horde. You’ve got an isp issue. Or at least that’s what I would lean to. Unless your on pc. Then you’ve got a configuration issue of some type.

Well, if you go into xbox settings, network, and test network speed, you will get a “ping” value, for a connehction to xbox live (30, in my case).

Then I can’t have a 5-10 “ping” ingame, not IF THEY SHOWING THE SAME THING IN THE SAME UNITS.

Especially if I am showing a 5ms ping to my ISP’s gateway…

Anyhiw, I played a few coop games last night, and they felt all right. The gib range was definitely not OP, movement felt OK, I didn’t have any cases of what I thought was sponging…

Note: it was against bots, so the “long range poke” wasn’t an issue, so can’t comment on that.

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Thought somethin was up when i seen i had 5 ping and i switched to wifi…?


In the dev stream they said adjusting shot delay. I think it has to do with high ping players. Meaning an algorithm that changes everyone’s shot delay in match if a high ping player is in the room.

To make it smoother for high ping players. In return lower ping players will experience more shot misses than usual.

Are you serious???

No they didn’t.

Here is what was actually said.

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