I'm not a '06 vet and I didn't play Gears 1 as my first Gears game

It’s just fanboy nonsense. Go with your gut.

I can tell you aren’t an '06 vet since your profile picture isn’t this:


I got the Seriously 1.0 on 1/1/07

One of the first to get all achievements.

I still suck at this game and wouldn’t call myself a vet by any means.

As an 05 vet this thread triggers me

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hate? But they are the soul of the forum, our lolcows, our heritage, what would we do without the guy with a photo of g1 marcus who from time to time posts a thread about how g5 has become soft by attaching the video "gears 5 lacks weight and intensity "by crowbat, the forum would be quite boring without them, we need something to make fun of from time to time, speaking of that guy, it took him a long time to say his thing, well, now where is he?

finally, the unreal warfare beta tester, veteran of veterans

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Nah press

Here, have a previeuw Gears of War - X06 hands-on | GamesRadar+

Didn’t know this museum was a thing. Thanks for sharing! Nice trip down memory lane

Funny, it thinks I own a series X, but I don’t.

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probably because you played a cloud game

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