I'm not a '06 vet and I didn't play Gears 1 as my first Gears game

I’m not worthy of my Community veteran title on these forums too… :disappointed_relieved:

I post a video because screenshots are easier to edit than videos, so this is 100% legal and true (But I wonder who wants to edit his/her stats showing that they AREN’T '06 vets)

At 0:35, you can see that one of my first game played is Gears of War 2, not the original Gears.

Also, my first log on to Xbox live was on 2009.

Now don’t come with excuses like: “I’m a’ 06 vet, but I don’t play with that account so my stats are from my new account”.

If you want to show that you “can” be a '06 vet, you can go to Xbox Museum and look at your stats

(Obviously this topic is a joke).

Aside of the joke, it’s fun to find that even when Gears 5 dropped the “of War”, the game appears as “Gears of War 5” (1:20)


06 vets are usually the worst horde players and then brag about being 06 vets on game chat. I find it amusing and don’t bother to say I was legally allowed to drink alcohol when gears 1 came out.

Honestly, don’t let it bother you.

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What a surprise, i try this Xbox Museum using the app on my console and the app shuts down

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It doesn’t matter. It’s not a club. You play any Gears game you want and enjoy any Gears game you want. Don’t listen to the hateful comments.

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I just tried on my phone and it’s absolutely awful. Freezing and unusable…


Cant believe something designed by MS wont even work on their own systems🤦‍♂️

I get as far as trying to sign in and the app just shuts down.

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If i only played Campaign once in 06 does that make me an 06 vet ? My love for Gears was born through og horde on gears 2…not that any of that matters to anyone haha


I remember, your challenge to the community after the leaderboards got hacked provided a decent amount of fun for the Epic forums

Until people started ‘cheating’ on that too using boomer events to inflate their scores. The speedrun thing was legit though. I still feel bad about deleting it at the time but i didn’t want to waste my time trying to keep the top scores legit if people were still gonna cheat.

Still…was an exciting time and one of my favourites in 30+ years of gaming. It’s a shame the modern gamer is more interested in XP, achievements and rewards over team rivalry and top scores/times. I honestly miss it


Being an “06 Vet” isn’t a particularly good thing. They mostly get made fun of because they have a weird obsession with the color grey and dont like Gears 5 because people that are downed don’t have blood trails.

06 vets lack weight and intensity.


Not only can I believe it, I fully expect it.



It’s not even that. Alot of these '06 Vets perform a big old song and dance about being an '06 Vet as if it gives their opinions more weight. A well made point is a well made point and I will judge it on that basis - not on how long they’ve been a fan for. All it does is say two things - it aims to sneer at younger fans (who wouldn’t have been fans back then by virtue of being too young); and it’s a form of hipster snobbery (“I liked that band before you did!” / “I liked that band back in the day when they were good and before they got all mainstream!”)


Definitely agree.

If someone brings up a good point it doesnt really matter how long they’ve been playing/listening/partaking in that particular thing.

Whats with the sudden hate on 06 vets (again) have i missed something?

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It’s not hate for '06 Vets.

It’s hate for '06 Vets who use the fact that they’re '06 Vets to try and give weight to their opinions and arguments as if it makes them more superior to people who are not '06 Vets.


No hate.

No hate.

Just a “joke” because of the Xbox museum stats.

Also, when I tried to login and look at my stats on mobile, the site crashed like 6 or 7 times. On PC I didn’t have any issue


I played 1 but agree 2 is what got my interest with horde. Great horde for what it was, for it’s time. Horrible how 3 turned out.


Not often you come across people with that opinion as many hold Gears 3 Horde in the highest regard but i was of the same opinion at the time. On a high score run, unless you were in the silverback, you were basically a spotter or just downing enemies then allowing them to be revived for extra points. Horde back then was long enough without dragging the process out further.

I may have to go back to it now that nobody cares about the scores on it anymore but I will wait until i get a Series X though.

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