I'm looking for a clan for when Gears 5 finally comes out

Never been in a clan before but i’m an active Gears player with a team/objective based mindset, something I should’ve looked into long ago because I do love winning and playing with randoms never gets me to a good enough point where I can really enjoy myself.

If this isn’t the right place to ask about this then i’d like if someone would kindly tell me where I can post about it.
Here’s hoping!

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I’m also interested in this, but not until gears 5 as of course 4 is almost over. I would say the official game hub on Xbox.

You can join the LOL clan, but only if you have a 4.0 K/D across all game types.

Mohawks of Justice

@mj.clan.official on Instagram or my gamertag on Xbox.

Wow that is a high bar lol.

Lol I know. I’m kidding. :yum:

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Was going to say they must be playing only noobs. Lol.

Well I’m not part of a clan but I play on a pretty regular basis. Definitely team communication oriented player with some sass and sarcasm.

You still available??