I'm lagging out if every other match due to server error

Every other game I lag out due to server error, does this happen to any one else?
Like you’ll be playing and then every other character on the screen starts running into walls like in gears 2 when some one was hitting the lag switch, then you come back into the game for about 10 seconds then it completely boots you out of the game and then from the main menu asks “would you like to rejoin?” Its litterally almost every match I try and play, usually in these games charachters are immune to rifle fire they can just walk straight through bullets and gnasher you, you can see them changing weapons in the middle of wall bouncing no hand movement just guns magically appearing in there hands, I really wish this game would work but unfortunately it doesnt, at least not for any one living in the Pacific northwest of the u.s. why dies gears4 run better than gears 5?