I'm hurt, people keep laughing at my balls!

Now I’m a huge fan of the current balance in the game, OP4 was great and OP5 has been knocked out the park. But can’t something be done about Del’s (mech) balls?

Even when you fire off Dels balls of devastation the lobby laughs. The ultimate fills up at a nice pace but is there a more useless ULT? Even with bleed the damage is small, how about adding an area stun for 15 seconds. In a pinch fire off Dels balls do two areas of stun and re-group. It wouldn’t be OP but right now it’s a struggle for one kill with it.


Del is still young. His balls are not grown enough. :grin:

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Del’s balls should do freeze damage because, well, he has blue balls.


There used to be a glitch in OP 1 where you could spam Y and spawn a million trackers

But was it enough to kill one scion?

I’m sorry but the title caught my interest…

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A like for the title alone, hats off to ya friend, agreed dels ultimate is weak sauce cummin from his balls