I'm hoping this gets fixed when I log back in

One more piece of evidence that suggests this game was pushed out too early -.-

Last night my brother, nephew and I played some horde. I was on my xbox and they were split screening on theirs. We only got to like wave 43 because it was getting late so we ended it early. When we finished it gave us the score screen.

Now we all got our exp and levels for playing those 43 waves but for some reason I was the only one who got his cards. After each session of horde we check our chars before we leave. My brother was playing as Del and my nephew was playing as JD. Del was lvl 2 and he shot to lvl 6. However he did not get any of the cards for unlocking lvls 3-6. He only had the 2 perks he had at lvl 2. Score boost and repair efficiency. My nephew’s JD was lvl 9 I think and he got to 10. He just unlocked custom boomshot. At the rewards screen it showed them unlocking this stuff but the game neglected to actually give it to them.

I’ve seen threads of people not getting their points after a horde match but this feels a little different. They got their points but no cards at all. No cards for leveling up and not even the randomly rewarded ones. Unlikely but I’m hoping this adjusts itself the next time we turn on the game. I’ve been dc’ed from a long session of horde before and it looked like I got 0 credit for all the waves I did. Then a few mins later when I checked my char it showed that I did get rewarded for my progress. If it doesn’t fix itself how else are they going to unlock those perks if it didn’t reward them for getting to that lvl?

Has anyone else seen this happen?

It happened to me as well a few weeks ago. I received the cards the day after or some days later. I sometimes still get cards from past horde games. Same with xp, 2 days ago I was playing horde and went from level 31 to level 45. In just a few waves. :smile:

I’m still waiting for my double stars though from last weekend…