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Im getting sick of these video card crashes

I’m really getting freaking sick of these video card crashes. It happens now 4/5 time in an hour and I’m freaking sick of it.

I have a gtx 1060 card and every other game I play, played fine.

Only gears if ffing it up.

Its at the point where I want to quit with playing gears and go on with an other game.

I mean I love gears but I freaking hate this

Sorry for the rage…


Welcome to the Gears on PC experience for the past 2-3 years, courtesy of TC.

All I can tell you is make sure your drivers are up to date. I don’t crash on the latest drivers (436.48) but I’m sure some people still will.

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Keeping my gpu up to date is actually what ruined Gears 4 for me. They never properly fixed the Nvidia crashing bug, despite saying they would. I remember right after they made the big announcement about fixing the bug, after taking almost a year to do so, I had the exact same error in the first match I played. That’s about when I stopped Gears 4 altogether.

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I uninstalled Gears 4 the minute Gears 5 finished installing. Little did I think I’d actually regret that decision less than a month later but here we are. :frowning:

It’s crazy that we need newer drivers to have any hope to play 5 successfully yet new drivers disallow us from playing 4. Would almost be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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I think that’s what the problem really is, I have a 1060 and I have not had a crash yet, and I have not updated my driver is in over a month

When gears 5 was released I didn’t had problems at all. Never had a crash and it played just fine. After the latest 2 or 3 driver updates, the crashes are comming more and more. I don’t understand why tc and Nvidia fix this sh*t… It ruins the game so much.

I’m an die hard gears fan and I’ve been playing since gears 1 on the 360. After switching to pc, all I have with gears are problems.

Gears 4 was an hell and I hoped now gears is also on steam and bigger on pc, these problems would be fixed sooner rather then later.


I highly doubt they’ll fix this issue. They’ll try and sweep it under the rug and then just ignore it again, just like they did with gears 4.

I still haven’t seen one instance of TC acknowledging the GW502 crash either.

If they don’t care about PC, they shouldn’t have released it on PC. Someone should seriously sue for this.

What other game do you know of on PC that you can’t play unless you stick to an old driver? I personally cannot think of one, except gears 4


My 1060-6Gb has crashed at random on any of the drivers since release. I’ve stopped playing MP on my PC completely.

Quite honestly, it’s feeling like it’s not safe to given that anyone regardless of fault will be punished for “quitting”, unless of course they are able to track PC crashing and adjust the system accordingly.

Personally right now, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.


Yuuup. They’re probably just biding their time until the PC community is so low that only a handful of people care anymore, then they’ll finally acknowledge it and jerk those few of us around for another 2 years so it looks like they’re on the case.

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I saw one that was “My mums mistake”

Found that funny.

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I’m thinking you could get away with Veiny Meat Stick,or Purple Warrior.

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Hi everyone, I know this isn’t ideal and is stupid it has to be done, but I stopped getting crashes on gears 4 when I turned off game bar and did not have a single crash in gears 5 on a gtx 970.

Also, I used to get menu lock ups and occasional in game lock ups when I even slightly attempted to overclock the card. I had no issues in any other games or furmark etc.

I know this might not help everyone but it has helped some I’ve spoken to via the game and Facebook page. @Evil_Meat_Stick if you can save up, I highly recommend an AMD rx 5700 (mines a sapphire pulse variant). Easily runs multiplayer modes on ultra 1440p, up 90fps with minimal drops. Campaign is always 60-70 fps.

Hope you can be enjoying gears again soon!

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just turned off game bar, thanks for the suggestion

Yeah, after going through that with Gears 4, I’m not updating my drivers while I’m still interested in playing Gears 5.

ill try turning off gamebar as well but i don’t think the card has anything to do with it, I’m running a 2080ti and getting a few crashes every night.

Since turning off gamebar I have had zero graphics crashes - many thanks for that suggestion