I'm feelin kinda bad

…for all the golds that are stuck playing gears 4 with me while ya’ll go play your gears 5 tech demo…


Alice chainsaw massacre


I just watched the gears 5 weapons changes and ranking explanation vids.

Ranked sounds like it’ll be interesting. At the very least, should alleviate people not knowing where they are or why they didn’t move up ( due to the mystery background skill in 4.)


“I did so well!! Why did my points go down!!”

“Not gaining points, why?”

“Ranking system doesn’t work”


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Most of my results havent counted so I am at 4/5 placement matches. After maybe 12-15 games :stuck_out_tongue:

We have been easily winning almost all of them and my teammates keep losing rank after each match :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. Been wondering where you were Alice.

Just been here… beating up on the golds. :smiley:



Shut the enemy team out 180-0 both rounds

All of us derank.



Consistently positive with most elims. Most caps. Usually mvp. Half my matches haven’t counted. Can’t get out of Gold lol.

Literally lost 14000 points on an MVP win.

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@Metal_Gear_Mo (Diamond 4) and myself (Diamond 3) KotH Gears 4

Dominate lobbies with MVP or 2nd (we traded a lot)

Silver 3 with deranks

If Diamonds playing at a Diamond level are now silvers… what will a Gears 4 Bronze now be? Mud?


Lol its definitely not fully working right now. I dont think this will be the case when the game releases.

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Lol, I know. We were having a laugh with it.

A lot of matches not even counting. I had a match i had 20 more kills than the next guy. At the end match didnt record.

Lol, I played 15 matches before it said I completed my placement.

Why does it feel like you lose rank because the matches not counting are registering as a quit? :joy:

Its possible. Lol.

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Im just focusing on learning the ins and outs of the maps and changes to weapons.

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Same here.

My group had a good feel of it last night. Good crossing and flanks. Plenty of saves and revives which was great to see. I mostly play KotH and will be doing so on the full release. Add me if you want to play sometime. :v:

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I also feel bad for them,they lost.

I know people arent liking Arcade. But im actually enjoying it. I wouldnt play it much since its not ranked, but its helping me get my aim down with the Markza and Sniper.

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I would play it if i had limited time, kind of how i play Social now.

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