Im excited yet im scared

gears 5 will be my first gears game, releasing on steam makes me more excited but im scared on ping i will get on multiplayer im from Philippines btw,

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Your first ever Gears game ?
Welcome to the family :slight_smile:
Great stuff enjoy and have fun.fingers crossed for the mp side of things.

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Gears tends to be pretty kind to high ping players. You should be fine.
Amiright @Krylon_Blue? :wink:


That might explain why I’ve been doing so well lately! I’m from the UK but playing like a group from the States on US servers, and aside from a couple of losses have been doing pretty well.

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Believe it or not you’re wrong, lol.

High ping is a disadvantage. Playing with a 90ms ping on European servers against low pings is difficult. Too many delays to be successful.

The issue, as I am sure you know, is fluctuations. I don’t have many issues when I’m pinging at 30ms killing a 90ms or even 250ms player. But when that ping becomes more inconsistent it becomes unplayable in many ways. Something needs to be done in Gears 5 regarding unstable connections.

Ask @DAVID_THE_CLOWN. He loves his inconsistent WiFi. Why do you think he won’t hard wire? :joy:


How do you think I made it to Onyx 3???


Try out Gears Ultimate and Gears 4, I think you can get them for some small money now. :slight_smile: Sadly, you have to use windows store. :frowning: