I'm Drump achievement possibly bugged

The I’m Drumpf achievement requires collecting 100,000 credits. I have 45,192 on hand, but the achievement progress shows 39%. I should be at 45% progress at a minimum if you ignore the credits already spent on booster packs. It looks like the achievement is bugged at requiring 200,000 credits, not 100,000. If so, then the achievement progress should be at 78%, which means I have spent roughly 33,000 credits already (I originally believed it was 36,000, but the math points to 33,000). Here is a screenshot the game side by side with the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows.

Back in September, I tried submitting a support ticket selecting Gears 4, but just after submitting the ticket, I received the below email, along with a second email with my ticket number. Gears 4 is still an option today, and the Gears Legacy email still gets sent despite the email saying Gears 4 is supported.

Thanks for reaching out to Gears of War Support.

Our team at The Coalition currently only provides support for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 4, Gears POP!, and Gears 5. We are not able to provide support for Legacy games: Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War: Judgement.

I tried getting a response over Twitter and this thread. At TC Sera’s suggestion, I am detailing the problem and can only assume the list referred to is the original post, which I still don’t know how to add to it.

Do you have a PC that can run Gears 4?

Maybe playing from a PC can solve this, or deleting cache data. Never had this problem, but I had 1 problem with another game back on 360 and deleting cache data helped

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I played from both Xbox One and my PC. Most, if not all, of my multiplayer progress has been on PC.

I have 180,000 credits in op 5 and have spent 75k+ in op 4 and I still don’t have the achievement.

I don’t care much about the achievements.

This is an issue I’m seeing for Gears 4.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count credits from bounties and level up rewards only the ones you earn for playing so you can’t go off of how many you have. This took me a month and I was basically playing all day everyday at the time, now that was when the game first released and they buffed the earn rate later but this isn’t a quick achievement.

Ahhhh, that would explain why my post has nothing to do with the op lmao

My bad lol

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I don’t see why they would not count. Credits are credits, regardless of where they come from, but hey, TC loves the grind…