I'm done with this game

I’m saying this right now, I am about done with Gears 5 as a whole, especially the PvP aspect. I am so sick and tired of TC changing how the movement and Gnasher feels because everyone whines about it. News flash, how about actually practice and try a little more to get better at the game instead of crying about not getting kills and dying constantly. I know that I am complaining about the new changes but there was nothing wrong with the previous Gnasher. I know TC changed this and I’m sick of being paranoid about them changing PvP it seems like every 3 weeks to a month. I also am sick of getting better with the Gnasher and movements and then TC changing it making me learn and adapt to the changes all over again with these crap beta tuning tests. For example, I used to be really good with the fake shot (Air Back A) but it feels like TC yet again nerfed the damage on the Gnasher. It’s like as if Bungie were to constantly change the BR in masterpieces like H2 and H3 because people were complaining about it. This game still bugs out all the time, and I hate getting robbed of kills that I should have gotten when someone just whips their Gnasher for a one shot. Everything else in the game seems fine by me like Horde and the Campaign. I barely play Escape but I presume it is improved. I like all the content TC have brought in except all this childish and colorful crap like those three WWE wrestlers and junky colorful skins. This game is dead and I think TC should consider burying this franchise after this game. At most they should consider remaking GoW 2 but that is it. Gears 5 PvP is such a tilt fest to try and “please” everyone but in reality it robs the good players from winning a well deserved game and constantly nerfing how the Gnasher feels to target new players.


No your not! Your gonna play it and your gonna moan about it, just like the rest of us.

PS Welcome to the forums.


No dude I’m being serious I’m not trying to moan about it I’m just trying to speak my mind. I have given patience to all the changes TC has done for months but now I am just over it.


We have all complained and spoke our minds on daily bases, since the launch of this game. Falling on death ears.

I can’t speak for PVP but PVE has gotten much, much better.

Might be worth while checking out some of the PVP threads we have here…THERES A LOT! You might get some answers there. If your looking for any???

Otherwise all I can say is “I feel your pain”


Oh I know there is a whole bunch of problems in both realms of PvP and PvE, but I don’t regularly go on here just wanted to speak the truth and mind one last time before I move back either Halo or some other game. Such a shame that this game is where it is right now and I know that there aren’t many players left in this broken game.


This doesn’t really solve the root issue(s), but I think the gnasher performs better if you turn off auto-aim/aim assist. (You may have already done that)

I think a lot of people are kinda tired of the constant changing of weapon/movement tuning every op. Unfortunately, they did this tuning process with gears 4 to where I don’t think it really stabilized until the game had been out for a couple years, and it’s been in a really good spot since.

I’m not saying that in their defense, bc I would approach any changes in tuning differently than how TC has been handling it, but it wouldn’t surprise if they’re following the same pattern they did with 4.


I took a break.

Haven’t grinded TDM in 4 months now.

I too, dislike how they try to make this game cute & warm.

My guess is gears 5 is pretty feminine.

Gears used to be a testosterone rage feast. Even the woman looked like they could out do the men. I know Bernie scared me. Sam looked cute but vicious all in the same package.

Somewhere we got Kait. I know why. But it doesn’t even matter anymore, that’s what we got.

Gears started feminizing. They wanted it like this. I have a hunch that’s why 4 didn’t even bother developing JD because they knew there was no reason. Which is why 4 felt a bit empty to me.

I’m all for change. But I’m the type of person who doesn’t want something that conflict dramatically with the game.

It’s like having lord of the rings characters & then making a new lord of the rings but we have a cast of diversified people. Like a Hispanic, an Asian, etc. most people would be like “what?” Because that’s not how the cast is.

I like some aspects of the game too. Because I’m not much of a story player because the story kinda fell after gears of war 3 I’ve just been playing PvP.

But even when I have spurs to play pvp the only mode I end up playing is king of the hill. Because if my team is trash I can at least enjoy myself.

Unlike TDM. That’s a nightmare. Haven’t played in 4 months & im #20 in that mode. Used to be way higher. So when I say it’s frustrating believe me, I’m not just saying it…

I don’t understand why the community feels entitled to chop up a mode because they hate playing against stacks.

I can’t play tdm without a stack. From over 25-30 days of tdm I know how toxic it is. You ask a random to help & they feel like you insulted them & spin in a circle at spawn or rush in to die , just “because”…

& it’s not like king where if someone wants to act a fool it’s less forgiving. In tdm , if someone doesn’t wanna work with you goodluck. That’s the frustrating part for me.

Feels like TDM is me baby sitting or fighting for power weapons alone while people do whatever they want. Social TDM is a lot more serious & fun.

I honestly don’t see the logic as to why they did that to tdm.

So that leaves me with FFA & 2vG which is fine. But I get tired quick after 2-4 matches because I want to play using other weapons with my friends.

I took a break though… now I’m just voicing myself…

& this ranking system is better but I think it’s too easy. But it has improved.


I totally agree with you Guilty, I think that TDM is a campfest especially in ranked. I think Gears is watered down with sensitivity and over saturated with random characters and skins that make the game “childish”. I’m actually surprised that no GoW characters are in Fortnite yet lmao it is bound to happen though.

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