Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

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55% is not a good winning percentage at all. It actually shows that you’re around where you should be. And what do you mean by “well over”? You should just say a specific number.

I mean, obviously. But I’m saying that people think they are Diamond tier when they are not. Some people are just genuine Onyx players and that’s their place.

I highly doubt that. Given that you just stated you were somewhere around 55-60% win rate, I doubt someone has much worse stats than that and still got D5. People think it’s so much easier to get D5 at the beginning of the season, but it’s really not in my experience. I got D5 from G3 in Escalation like a breeze at the end of season 3. It’s been even harder at the beginning of season 4.

I understand the theory behind “securing spots early in the season”, but I haven’t found it to be true in practice. I find it just as easy during whatever time of the season.

To be fair, most of the players who idle in Diamond would keep their Diamond even if they kept playing. It’s not like every person who idles would just give it up to all the solo queue players complaining about being in Onyx.

While I don’t doubt that you beat Diamonds while playing ranked, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a Diamond tier player. There are many reasons you may beat Diamonds. You may have someone “carrying” your team, the Diamond player may have trash teammates, he may have a bad game, whatever. Diamonds lose too, just not as often as Onyxs. I would guess that although you beat Diamonds every day, you more often lose to them as well. If you actually do beat Diamonds more often than losing to them and outclass them consistently, then you should likely take their place. It’s all about consistency.

And hey, I’m not saying that you suck and you specifically deserve to stay in Onyx. I can’t speak on your skill level or where you should be because I know nothing about you. I’m just saying that statistically most of the people who complain they aren’t in Diamond, really shouldn’t be in Diamond. Like I said, it’s less than 2% of the population. People often forget that a rank your stuck at may just be the right fit for you.

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My win % is 68 .But hey, let me show you a guy on my friend’s list who’s a Diamond 4 in TDM this season. He loves to brag about his rank. Mind you, when we play, I often place ahead of him.

I have made post concerning Ranking issues, in fact, you commented on one of them. With me posting Various matches of me beating Diamonds. I am by no means a “pro” level player, the whole point of my original post was me not getting awarded for my "consistency ".

Here’s a screenshot of my friend’s who a beat a team of D4’s or D5. (He also has a high winning %, we play in squads)

Mind you, he did go 9-11 this one specific match but considering that fact he won against ranks significantly higher than his, he should’ve been awarded a big rank increase. Looking at the stats for the match, you can see it was quite sweaty, but no one was really “carried”.

I liked the old gears were you could see other people’s KD and win rate. That’s what really matters because there are Diamond 1 and 2 players I’ve faced that appear to be Golds. This ranking system has given some players a superiority complex imo.

If I am only going up at .20% at a time, then of course people are going to start to get heated.

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There are people who shouldn’t deserve to be diamond players because look at this. All these so called “elite” diamond players did terrible and played like Bambi’s.

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Wow. That screenshot is ridiculous…

Was there some other factor that made this scoreboard such a blow out? Were they lagging, AFK, messing around, etc.?

I can’t disagree with you tbh. If they were actually playing like their usual selves, those are some of the most fake Diamonds I’ve ever seen. I don’t see scoreboards like this often though.

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That’s pretty good, especially if you solo queue often. I see now that you were referring to his win rate when you said 55%.

I will say that those are pretty low stats for such a high rank, especially in TDM. I suspect his low stats are a result of other modes or other seasons though. I doubt he has a 55% win rate when he was grinding TDM this season. Maybe his stats suck because he used to solo queue a lot in S0-S2 and just not care about rank?

I’m not an advocate of the ranking system btw. I’m a firm believer that it is broken due to solo players vs stacks and wins over performance, so he may be abusing the system by getting carried in a stack.

On the same note, D4 is drastically different than D5. You can get D4 within 6 winning games of D1, so they’re almost the same rank. You actually have to grind from D4 into D5. I doubt this guy will get into D5 with stats like that.

Yeah, he was 9-11 and bottom 4 in the whole lobby. I would say the FreezeNasty guy should receive a big rank increase, but the Champa guy should receive just a small one (like 85 to 88% or something). If he got no increase, it’s probably because

I’m sure those Diamonds got big hits on their ranks. The D5 at the bottom may have even demoted straight to D4.

Idk, but it would make sense to me if the low performing Onyxs get small increase and the Diamond players get huge decrease. If the Onyx players are consistent, those small increases will still get them into Diamond soon. Going from Onyx 3 80% to 90% during one game would be too drastic IMO because that game could have been an outlier.

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Haha, that’s what I am saying. The whole “diamond” category can be kinda fraudulent, Don’t get me wrong, I know many players that are true diamond level players, but I also know quite a few that got there just off sheer playtime and stacking. You should’ve went straight to Onyx 1 60% after beating them lol

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Nah, they were trying and no one was lagging or afk. I don’t think diamond players especially their rank would be playing around like that because of the % drop after a loss like that.