Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(LuvOfThaGame) #582

It is complete garbage. Won 2 in a row. Got nothing. Lost 1 by 1 round against an all onyx team and we was all gold. Lost 1%. It’s not much,sure, but after not getting a single fraction of a percentage of rank gain only to get one negative for a loss is completely garbage. Saw someone say it the other day and it sums it up perfectly. This system is designed to drop you for any reason possible and find any reason not to raise you.

(Majikmyke) #583

Total horse sh*the of a ranking system…barely any gains for wins and excessive de-rank for loses…this and quitters ruin this game…don’t understand with all these threads regarding ranking system they would at least chime in and give us some kind of feedback.

(ManuXos) #584

No, if they gave feedback/explanation about the inner workings of the ranking system, it would be abused.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #585

What rank are you? If you are diamond it takes longer to rank up compared to onyx or even gold. I usually get like 5-10% after a couple of wins(3 or more W).

I tryed to reach D4 but it was nearly impossible cause I lost 80% from one L. Not even against high ranked players.

Reaching diamond is not easy at all.

(Majikmyke) #586

Are you kidding me…abused how?..explain to me why you get 2 to 3 percent gain for wins and for a lose you de-rank up to double digit percentage points…you will never get any gains this way…absolute trash of a system.

(Alma Leticia 24) #587

Someone can explain how the ranked works because I win 2 or 3 with MVP and nothing rises and I lose one and the worst is that I lose because my team leaves and leaves us at a disadvantage or we are playing some heavy players with categories lower than the mine! This is a crap :confused:

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Currently on mobile, so I can’t explain unfortunately. For me writing on mobile is tedious.

However you can find a detailed explanation of the ranking system here.

That link is fairly detailed and should help yu understand how the ranking system works hopefully.

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It doesn’t make any sense to me… Thr ranking system. I have no problems, not really complaining. I just find it funny that you can win 20 straight as a diamond and not move up at all, but you lose one match with 2 gold 3s 2 onyx 2s on your team while the other team has two Onyx 3s one diamond one, one diamond 2, and one diamond 5. I dropped 35% and I had MVP, that’s pretty crazy. I wasn’t supposed to win that, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t have moved up. I don’t quite understand the ranking system and I don’t understand why I got against full diamond teams while I have golds and onyx on mine. Something is clearly off here lol. I’m always looking for good squad members hmu.

(VENENO34) #590

20 straight isn’t difficult at all, especially with a proper stack. it wasn’t just myself that had trouble moving percentage, other diamond player shad trouble as well. My theory was since we had a onyx 1 and 2 in our stack we were playing lower leveled players. Maybe because of their rank, compared to ours , we don’t get much because we were projected to win? I’m not sure. I’m not sure streaking is helpful to my rank, or if it’s all individual, or what the balance between both is. If you don’t want to believe me then by all means don’t believe me. See it to believe it right? I’m just stating what myself and my stack did, and what happened once I began to run solo. I’m not complaining, in fact I’m more so curious because everyone has an opinion as to what really matters and doesn’t to your rank, and I’m trying to figure out how it all works.

(SaSuKe One) #591

I feel you,
i have won matches,and whopped onyx and gold players. That the ranking system expect me to loose against. Btw Im silver3 now. and i dont rank up (gain) in percent? Won 10 matches and gained none…
When i win sweaty matches against peeps im expected to loose against,i expect 2 gain percent. :ok_hand: i play solo and with a squad.

(DarkChaoz95) #592

If your onyx / diamond the game expects you to win and you’ll need to do more than just inning to rank up. For example constantly beating higher ranked players than your current rank.

Though if you lose a match against the lower rank then you drop down simply because the game did not expect you to lose given that you have a high rank

Also there is a delay as to when ranking progress uplates. It’s not real time

(Avenge Her) #593

Peasants (Bronze)

  • Often Needs assistance, characterized as a “bot walker”. Usually Doesn’t grasp game mechanics, places low on leaderboards, sometimes used as “bait”. Used best, when assisting fire and marking.

Ronin (Silver)

  • Often Needs assistance as well, can muster up a good kill here and there, but don’t expect anything spectacular.

Samurai ( Gold)

  • Somewhat completely understands the game mechanics, depending on the day, they can give higher ranks a run for their money. But it is often their lack of strategy or over-eagerness to get kills that hinder them the most. It’s their low field iq that stops them from becoming daimyo,

Daimyo (Onyx)

  • Complete understanding of the game mechanics often has no problem dismantling lower ranks. Can appear to be shogun level on certain days. Often struggle becoming Shogun do to frustration of not reaping reward benefits. (% increase after good matches) However, with patience, he (or she) will be Shogun worthy.

Shogun (Diamond)

  • Complete mastery of the games mechanics, high field iq, usually places first on the leaderboard. Often only challenged by another shogun (diamond). However, can be overtaken by Daimyo if they underestimate their abilities. Excellent crossers as well, described as being the most “sweaty”. Depending on the Shogun, he can be a great addition to the team or massive hinderance, This is because Shoguns can sometime be overaggressive as far as pace and commanding teammates/ ranks lower then his. This can ultimately disrupte team chemistry,

This is just a little joke, this is by no means to be taken seriously and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I just thought it would be cool to maybe add some context to what your rank placement actually means, considering I rarely see topics discussing that.

(Ektope) #594

This is accurate.

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Love this :+1:

I gift you the Post of The Day Award :raised_hands:

For all my Struggling "Daimyo" (Onyx 3's) - Why you're not "Ranking Up"
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This is actually sort of accurate, I’d place myself between Daimyo and Samurai.

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Thanks bro,

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Haha nice.

Budding daimyo here

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Quote from regarding ranking system.

Ranked System Improvements

We’ve made some design changes to the Ranking System calculations for Season 4. In this next Season, the swings of wins and losses should be less volatile than in Season 3.

It’s important to note that the Ranking System still follows the same rules in our calculations. If you lose to a team that you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll still see a bigger drop (and vice versa). If you beat a team you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll see a minimal change (again, same goes vice versa).

However, with this updated design in place, there won’t be such dramatic swings to rankings at the higher levels.



1 Loss against a D4, O3, O3,O3, O3


2 days in a row, me and my team go on a win streak to lose ONE game against similar rank (1-2) and drop a drastic amount. If the teams we lost to were bronze to gold tier I would understand completely, but the teams we lose to are Onyx- Diamond. I know I made a similar topic a couple of days ago, but in this topic I have proof. If you play solo, chances are half the team will quit before the 1st round is over. You play stacked, rank progression slows to a crawl and you get hit hard for losing. This is the last topic im going to make regarding the ranking system, just wanted to shed additional light on the issue as this is my favorite franchise on xbox. Also props to the console players that made it to D5, I have to admit its alot harder than i expected.

(DLCarr17) #600

I believe it’s because you are so highly ranked in the first place. If I remember correctly TC has said that Diamonds are only 2% of the population and that 2% is divided among the 5 diamond tiers. So once you are inside the Diamond rank the falls can be a lot larger than outside of Diamond because of the very small player base inside of the Diamond tier. If I’m wrong I apologize but that is the way that I understand it to be.

(l Ar Ci l) #601

Lol! Why complaining you are in a squad odds are you and your team are gonna win…
TC on the streams they kinda explain why you are not seeing the results you want… if you haven’t watched the streams you should and ask them on the stream about your situation