Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(SM0KIN D4BS) #562

Consistently getting screwed more like it…I’ve had 10wins all mvp or decent placing…how can u say 10 wins and 1 loss equates to only percentage going down not up…like as if the 10great consecutive games mean nothing for ur performance

(III EnVii III) #563

As I’ve already said, if those 10 games were against low or equal ranks you won’t go up by much if at all :+1:

(SM0KIN D4BS) #564

But they aren’t that’s what I’m trying to tell u…I’m not onyx facing bronze…I’m mvping against onyx 10+ games and not even .01%

(III EnVii III) #565

What region are you?

(SM0KIN D4BS) #566

East USA…kinda ■■■■■■ when I’m pinned against Europe or Mexico as well…ping filter needs implementation

(III EnVii III) #567

I doubt you would see much of Europe.

I hardly ever get placed in US and I’m from UK …

(SM0KIN D4BS) #568

Maybe not Europe but definitely far away when I’m pinging 80+ when east server usually puts my ping roughly in the 15-25 ranged

(Omen LP) #569

Lol… that was more than a little silly… Really, matchmaking? REALLY?

Plus our ring leader lost his Eligibility to Diamond promotion on this match…

REALLY!??!!? @TC_Octus ? Care to chime in: how such an incredible unbalanced match can cause a decrease in rank!??


(API) #570

I guess he decreased in rank because he barely got any points.

However, I agree he shouldn’t have lost any percentage off this. What the ranking system doesn’t seem to understand is it’s really difficult for an Onyx 3 to do anything against a team of Diamonds unless he has good teammates to help. Your teammates are like catalysts to your own performance as well. If you have good teammates, you can do better individually. If you have bad teammates (no offense), then it doesn’t matter how good you are, you won’t be able to compete against a full team of good players.

(III EnVii III) #571

Wow that was a one sided demolition :eyes:

(oO PHaNTaSM 0o) #572

Because according to TC …
The ranking system predicted you were “supposed to beat them”

…ranking system is absolute trash,

(Krylon Blue) #573

Which is why I don’t even take it seriously anymore. I know I’m a Diamond in KotH and could easily get it back this season but I stopped playing at mid Onyx 3 because I just don’t care. Losing a match while being an MVP should not cost you any percentage but it does.

Earth to @the-coalition; if you as an individual outperform the whole enemy team you actually ‘won’ as you did better than the team you expected us to beat. Stop putting so much emphasis on teammates which a lot of times are useless.

(GeaR 614) #574

Matchmaking is pretty bad at this point. I’ve been playing in a squad of diamond and onyx players in TDM and we find matches in less than 5 seconds but 95% of the time their average rank is like gold 2 or gold 3. Only a couple onyx players and the rest gold and silver, sometimes multiple bronze. I know that people outside the US have a hard time finding matches so they have loosened the matchmaking parameters but they seem too laxed. Especially here in the US playing TDM. I wouldn’t mind matchmaking taking a few minutes if the teams were more comparable because it sucks winning 80 matches in a row just to go up one rank since we are almost always favored to win by a huge margin.

(Omen LP) #575

Yeah, my issue is that what happened here doesn’t match what @TC_Octus has been telling us…

The rank movement is based on the predicted outcome vs the actual one. That’s why my rank doesn’t move up AT ALL when we win games where we are a SLIGHTLY higher ranked…

This match, the predicted outcome could not have been anything other than a total annihilation of our team - which is what happened.

So according to what @TC_Vectes and other were saying, this shouldn’t have caused any movement in rank. This wasn’t a close match. This was ridicolously one sides.

I beat 7 players of higher rank, come in second overall and don’t move AT ALL, because were were slightly higher rank than the other team. But here?? We get put into the ring with Mike Tyson, and lose rank because we lost?

Either there is a bug in their code, or it’s not working how they told us it is…

(Vanden255) #576

When did they say that if the system predicts a loss and you do indeed lose that you don’t lose rank?

(Saint B3AST) #577

I need help understanding how I wen from 80% to 0% in gold 3 and my % still went down as I did good and won my matches in execution. I don’t understand how I am supposed to get back to onyx if my % goes down no mater what. I wish the w/l didn’t interfere as much as it does as well cause I can go 10 and 2 the take an L and my % will shoot down but when I have the same score and win I only go up 5 to 10%. Please fix this case I am so close to wuitimg and never touching this game again
I just don’t get it I get punished for winning
I get punished for losing and still have a good k/d
What do I do to get to diamond sit there and die?

(DarkChaoz95) #578

The way ranking progression works is the there is a delay from the ending of the match til the rank changes is reflected in the UI since the calculation is done on the cloud. So what this means that if you lose or win a match, this won’t be be reflected in the UI until after your next game or two .

if you want to understand how the ranking system works, TC provides some insight On the ranking system here.

(Nexus Mentxlize) #579

My gt is nexus mentalize I won like 12 matches in escalation and it doesn’t raise up th rank

(API) #580

@forum-mods can you guys merge all these posts into one big thread? Lol

(DarkChaoz95) #581

and sticky it too, or just create a megathread discussion/explanation on the rank system.