Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(Jcx TooBeast) #522

I win ten in a row then lose 1 and I’m back where I started from . That can’t happen , wins need to count for more.

(III EnVii III) #523

I agree,

If a loss can set you back 10% or even more sometimes then a win should always give you SOMETHING.

(TG Junglist) #524

Been having same problem few months bud

(Saucetivity) #525

This is unbelievable!!! How does one go from 80% diamond 4 to 0% diamond 4 on one loss!!! Makes absolutely no sense FiX YOUR TRASH GAME

(Metal Gear Mo) #526

Me too :disappointed:I Played against a full stack of Diamond masters and lost 90 percent, derank included. The climb back up is brutal. I was within 1.74 % of Diamond master last night, lost a match and now I’m down to 86.40 Diamond 4 again. :persevere: Sometimes it seems impossible.

(RuinousEmoney) #527

Soo I played 2 games both solo and I drop from 98.blah blah to 77 this team was stacked 5 with few diamonds whatever next game same stacked team few diamonds and I drop from 77 - 15.blah blah crazy thing is I’m only diamond 1 as its not hard enough playing solo and little time to play :joy::joy:

(V e 7Z s e) #528

Please can you give me a better understanding how I level up to a diamond 2 50% and I derank a whole 50% after winning my game how am I being penalized for winning let alone beat 2 diamond 5s and I nearly had MVP !!?? Don’t make any sense at all this is TERRIBLE

(API) #529

If you’re wondering about the 0% thing, everyone has that. Don’t freak out until they make a statement. If you won, you didn’t derank.

(Navajo Sioux 24) #530

I’ve been stuck on O3 at 98% for 15 matches. After every win I did not go up. But the 1, a single match I lose I drop to 87%. Like why TC, why is this system like this. Please I beg you fix this because it’s getting out of hand. If you win a match and do very well personally you should move up drastically. If you lose but get MVP you should move up a little. Not depending on predictions and algorithms just a simple system.

(III EnVii III) #531

The system doesn’t taken into account win streaks.

To move up into Diamond you need to consistently beat Diamond players

So if you are playing Onyx Players in those 15 matches then you are expected to beat them
As you are pretty much a max Onyx player.

(Mxp1e) #532

All day in escalation and my rank does not move

(DeathScythe M01) #533

Same for me with TDM.

(Ektope) #534

It might be the visual bug that’s been affecting Ranks, XP and Credits to remain the same.
Supposed to get fixed soon.

(DavidSnaKe03) #535

I lost 2 duel games per team and lost the equivalent of 200%, I went down from the diamond 3 to 1, and in the second game I won the MVP. I complain and ask that the error that was made be fixed, because even though in the diamond range it goes down faster, getting to where it was cost me around 50 or more items, while going down to 1 only 2.

(DarkChaoz95) #536

To he honest if your in the diamond range and particularly was diamond 3, then you were expected to beat most of the game population and win. The fact you lost 2 matches was very dtrimental since the game expected you to win whatever match you in, especially if it was a match against lower ranks.

Beating higher ranks = signficant progress gain but this is typically slower for Diamond becuase diamond represents like 0.5-1% of the entire game population.

Losing to lower ranks or probably ranks equal to you = significant drop because you were expected to win that matches since you were a diamond.

(chaaze) #537

Man, until bronze and silvers are stop being paired with onyx and diamonds, both in your team and the other… These rankings are a massive pile of manure.

(Krylon Blue) #538


Especially when the Diamond is MVP and loses the match due to no fault of their own and lose rank for it.

(Omen LP) #539

It’s like the stock market: takes the stairs up and the elevator down…

(Omen LP) #540

This is the major falacy of this ranking system, left over from the 1v1 chess ranking system this is based on.

In chess it is only YOUR skill which determines the outcome, so this statement “you are expected to win” makes sense… When applied to an environment with mis-balanced teams, even without quit/afk, makes no sense. A diamond cannot be expected to win a team event just because (s)he is a diamond, ignoring the reality of team mates’ abilities…

(HUG3 N3WB) #541

I haven’t played versus in ages, due to all the bugs that you all know about. No need to repeat them.

I played 7 matches last night with my fiance. I was mvp in 5, and 2nd/3rd in the other two. So I played fairly well right?

Unfortunately, I was always in teams with randoms and we were always against stacked teams except for a handful of games.

I only managed to win two games out of the 7 as a result.

But, wait! Your individual ranking surely only factors in your individual performance right? Of course not. This was both of our placement matches for season 4.

I got bronze 2 lol. My fiance who was third to second last for the 7 games also got bronze 2, despite the clear difference in her performance versus mine.

I’m not saying that I should have been diamond or anything. But high Gold or Onyx 1 seems like a fair reflection of my performance in the placement matches (which were generally against diamonds / Onyx too).

This is a perfect example of how ridiculous the ranking system is. What lunatic decided your individual ranking should reflect your team performance? Team != Individual.

This isn’t just about me either. It’s also creating unbalanced matches. Technically now, bronze players are going to be going up against a gold/onyx level player (me) due to the silly ranking system. You can imagine all the levels that this affects for everyone.

This system is a joke. After I’ve done my 20 games to get the skins I’m done.

PS: 6 of the games had terrible sponging resulting in some frustrating deaths like sneaking up on a guy and being killed by him when he wasn’t even facing me, being torque bow headshotted whilst I was behind a wall with my head in cover… Etc.