Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(III EnVii III) #502

It should yes detect AFK or loss of player(s) and thus re-calculate or negate any % loss.

But sadly it doesn’t and TC have acknowledged this.

(Keep It Silky) #503

Listen I was playing all my placement matches for dogeball and won all my games and went positve except my first game which i only went negative 2 and then i got silver 2 i really need an explanation

(API) #504

Your first rank is always very low. You have to grind out of it. Even the best players get placed Silver 3 on their first time.

(Keep It Silky) #505

Are you sure i got oynx 2 for tdm for my place matches

(Royce Batty) #506

He is right. Let it go :smiley:

(Burnt ReynOLDzz) #507

lobby disolved, people quitting, my rank, my rank, my rank, Every match has to be an esports scrim. Just make the match making random . Bring the fun back for the 99%.

(Teady Bearz) #508

I feel they should remove the “in game” part of the game altogether, I have more fun twiddling my thumbs on the looking for game screen anyway.

(Kitten Britchez) #509

Just search for execution, dodgeball, guardian, etc. About 3AM. All the thumb twiddling a giddy thumb twiddlin bafoon could ask for.

(Teady Bearz) #510

In my experience dodgeball and guardian still have to high a population. My go to used to be warzone but we all know how that ended.

(Duffman GB) #511

I find I’m going back to Gears 3 koth more often now. I would love that to run at 60fps. Nearly every lobby albeit in unranked is filled (at least in the evenings) with actual players, but being as we are all using the same Gnasher I doesn’t matter that it is not ranked. Most of us Wings and just have a ball…apart from a couple of weapins! :wink:

(KatzeVomMond) #512

This is so true it really hurts. 5 kids ranked warrior squads sweat their butts off in every game, like it is a 2k. Playing at his best and show good movement is great, but playing like sissies only to get the win is so annoying and not fun.

(Epic iShadowz) #513

Why do when I win multiple games the percentage doesn’t go up but I loose one match and it drops ?

(VENENO34) #514

I’m not quite sure what’s the real criteria to move up, but from what I have heard they project teams to win and lose, and when you win when you’re supposed to you barely get %, but when you win when you’re not projected to win it gives you a good amount of %, but problem is chances are you’re not going to win. This is what I was told, I myself have no idea what it requires, other than winning (obviously).

(III EnVii III) #515

Winning games doesn’t guarantee % increase.

Losing games almost guarantees % decrease.

You may be at your perceived Rank and so to move out you have to avoid the losses as get the wins as much as possible.

(Majikmyke) #516

Played 3 matches yesterday won all, MVP on two…No change…Played against same tiers and few above…??? Is something wrong right now?..Again…Playing, winning no change, loose and I drop. …also getting ready to start a match and get kicked…says i’m suspended…no 15 minute ban, but suspended…What!!

(NinO HeRo3) #517

Dude same here I play the last three day didn’t lose won 11 matches in a row didn’t ranked, lost two drop from 93% to 78 %

(Majikmyke) #518

I played 5 won all MVP on 1 this afternoon …still stuck on 42%…it’s like I didn’t play today…this is bad.

(CRAZY MANIAC414) #519

Okay, so i just got diamond on execution and I was wondering if after season 4 ends would i get diamond for all my skins? I just realized you get ranks in core matches and comp matches which would decide what rank skin would i get.

(ICookieCLOWN) #520

For getting diamond in any game mode will grant you the diamond Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub.

(API) #521

It used to be that diamond in a particular mode would get you a few diamond skins, and then diamond in other mode would get you a few others. Now, diamond in any mode will all get you the same 5 skins, as the other guy mentioned. And yes, you will get them a couple months next season, which is probably in 6 months from now. It’s unfortunately a super long wait time. TC has said they would like to allow players to manually claim them during the season (like right now for you), but have yet to do it. Hopefully they do it sometime this summer.