Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(III EnVii III) #462

Yeah but it depends agaisnt what ranks you are doing it against.

I could do 25-0 all day agaisnt Bronze/Silver/Gold players but that wouldn’t get me out of Onyx Rank :+1:

(SM0KIN D4BS) #463

Trust me I played against onyx get mvp get win still 0.0%

(III EnVii III) #464

Again depends if those Onyx players are higher or lower than you.

Also, if there are 2 Onyx 3’s and then 3 Gold 1’s, your not going to get much if your team are pretty much all Onyx or with a diamond …

(James ElIsworth) #465

I lost 10% after 2 games running into a stack of diamond 4+

(III EnVii III) #466

You might have been expected to do slightly better, not win of course but maybe your points total was lower than expected for your rank.

Hence the loss of 10%.

With Diamond Stacks - I either don’t lose any % if at least I did well, relatively to the Diamond players however if me and my team get significantly beat, badly, I can lose to 15%, although it’s nornally 1-10%.

Where I lose the biggest chunk is agaisnt my own Ranked players, lower ranked players or slightly higher ranked players.

(RC 5052) #467

I feel you on that. Once I get to Onyx on KOTH I kinda plan on staying there to get any rewards/skins then moving on to Escalation

(ZealousHawk osg) #468

you’re not the only one. this game is broke.

(S u p l y c e) #469

I am facing rank problems. I win games in a row and my percentage for the next category does not increase. The statistics of games won and lost change their number, but the percentage for the next level of rank does not. Does anyone know why?

(CDK8152) #470

The game bases this on your actual skill per round. You could win many games but if the game determines that you are being carried by your teammates you will not increase.

(waterflame116) #471

I’m currently diamond 4 75%, I don’t get any percent for winning with a squad.

The only way to get percentage is to play solo, but here’s the thing, it’s almost impossible to win solo games because usually, the enemy team is a squad.

Last season, I solo’d all the way to diamond master, but in the current season, it’s just not possible, season 4 is a complete disaster.

(steroidkakrot) #472

Season 4 is trash but you have a squad what’s the problem just keep getting those easy wins. Especially if you hit d5 solo lol… I do not see the problem here.

(API) #473

Yeah solo queuing is painful lol.

The sweet spot for ranking up seems to be with 2-3 other players who can help carry, or a full stack of good, but low ranked players (Onyx 3 ish).

I’ll try and get us such a squad this week lol

(waterflame116) #474

I problem is that I can’t rank up when I play with a squad. That’s the entire point of my post.

(FrienofthedeviL) #475

If u can’t rank up with a squad or if u can’t solo then maybe u aren’t D5 material bro sorry to be the one to break it to u

(waterflame116) #476

By can’t rank up, I mean I don’t gain percentage for winning games with a squad. I know I’m good enough to be D5. The thing with solo-ing is the fact that randoms are a liability, and also that 90% of the time the enemy team is a squad, so they actually have cohesion, unlike with a team of randoms.

(FrienofthedeviL) #477

What r the others in ur squad ranked?

(waterflame116) #478

3 are onyx 3-ish, 1 is diamond 2 or 3, the rank icons look similar. I’m diamond 4 75%

(FrienofthedeviL) #479

Hmm well if you are clearly outperforming them all every single round and still not going up then it might be bugged.

The game not only takes in to account WL but also how you perform compared to ur team. If ur ranked higher the game essentially expects you to carry them and if ur stats don’t support a carry then you won’t move up - at least that’s what tc has said on this. I kinda think it’s bugged af but that’s more of a personal opinion

(waterflame116) #480

I don’t exactly carry, since all of my teammates are good players, but I always top frag.

(FrienofthedeviL) #481

Yeah I play with 1-2 others and am always highest ranked on my team at onyx 3 and I’ll only only go up when I literally have more kills and points than my 2 teammates . . COMBINED plus smooth operater mvp and a win. Somtinrs we win 4-5 matches in a row and I win mvp every time I won’t move - but in those games I’ll only win by a few thousand and won’t always have the most slays.

I literally have to pull a Lebron on the Cavs and win to move up lol so I’m happy not to sweat and chill at o3 80% lol