Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(alberlumendz) #442

I’m the one who killed more in King of the Hill I had never spent this for the first time getting to the point of being Diamond 1 or Diamond 2 This frozen my rank does not advance

(NUBinbound) #443

post a screenshot of one of your matches then because for instance you can get 10k mvp but what if someone in another match gets a 14k mvp i know that i’ve had a 20k point mvp before and i only gained like 14% in onyx 3 as for killing in koth that doesn’t give much score it might sound bad but a lot of the times you have to let the enemy break your hill so you can get more points which is a bad style tbh

(alberlumendz) #444

This did not happen in the season-0-1-2 there are many players who have this problem 2 days ago as well as my system should go well win and win you have to go up there is no point playing

(NUBinbound) #445

basically the only way to rank up is beat someone higher rank than you or get an obscenely high score so you just have to hope you run into some d5 players that are bad to make that push because the prediction system kills rank

(alberlumendz) #446

I have played with diamond teams 1-2 higher than I have won those teams

(NUBinbound) #447

one or 2 ranks higher isnt a lot you have to fight people who are clearly better and run solo while also hoping your team isnt terrible

(alberlumendz) #448

The point is this should not be happening is to say they did this to progress not to stay frozen if you lose low desire to go up so should be

(NUBinbound) #449

i agree that the prediction system should be trashed and just give players % if they win and take % if they lose or just remove ranks altogether and put a leader-board instead for a much less frustrating experience but those who want to be competitive can still sweat it out

(alberlumendz) #450

This season I have given the best of me to the maximum win and win to reach diamond if possible to but with this broken system is frustrating

(NUBinbound) #451

i had to stop playing because i was winning and not gaining % but if i lost a 4v5 or a 3v5 i’d lose about 10-15% and i couldnt deal with the frustration i suggest taking a few days then trying again and maybe that’ll clear some of the spots above you who knows

(alberlumendz) #452

I’ll have to stop playing for about 2 days

(NUBinbound) #453

well i hope you can get diamond after your break and resist the urge to play lol

(alberlumendz) #454

I will follow your advice but if this continues to continue my rank is still frozen there is a problem in my GT

(NUBinbound) #455

well good luck let’s hope you fight a team of diamond 5’s and a couple dc :wink:

(alberlumendz) #456

I hope that is resolved if nothing happens I will have to continue reporting this problem

(The DoN AO) #457

Omg my rank percentage is stuck yet again lol

(SM0KIN D4BS) #458

Sadly I feel u…stopped playing due to not wanting to lose my onyx2 since it only goes down never up

(III EnVii III) #459

Kind of defeats the purpose of having a rank if your not going to play :joy:

(API) #460

Did you ever consider that you are just an Onyx 2 level player? Not saying you are because I don’t know you obviously, but at some point, you can’t just keep ranking up and up or else everyone would be Diamond 5.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #461

Considering I can do 26-6 in TDM and not go up .0001% and winning the match. Yeah it’s bugged dude