Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(CraziestSock) #422

Completely agree. This is why they need to have the rank system based on the players. Making it based on your team is the dumbest thing ever.

(Ektope) #423

I know, all it takes is one person in your team to leave or quit for penalty, and other four players could preserve their ranks after leaving through pause to menu.

(gigidyimonaboat) #424

I love this game I really do… I can get pooped on and pooped on and pooped on… But omfg… The ranking system is horrid… The last 4 games I went MVP with most kills, least deaths, killed the leader 2 times each mach and I went down in score. I don’t get it… I really don’t… While the other buddy of mine went from silver 2 to gold 1 being middle of the pack… I’m only gold 1… It doesn’t make any sense at all… My other buddy went from Onxy 1 to Onxy 2… Maybe the game just hates me… :frowning:

(GeaR 614) #425

How did you fare as the leader? Each game mode takes different stats into consideration. Guardian probably puts a lot of weight in winning rounds as the leader and possibly weights kills and assists as the leader more than other kills and assists. I know TDM puts a lot of weight in Kills and K/D. You can get MVP with in TDM with more deaths than kills and not gain anything. Or you can finish 4th on your team with 11 stolen kills and 1 death and gain substantial rank.

(gigidyimonaboat) #426

I didn’t die as the leader, and had some kills in there during rushes… This is what I don’t like, all the guessing of what I have to do to rank up. It shouldn’t be that difficult… 3 or 4 bullet points of do this, do this and do this and you will move up.

(DemandingMonkey) #427

Second post on this awful system.

I won 5 games in a row on KOTH got MVP 3 times and somehow my 97.74% does not increase?

Yet my teammate was below me near enough all the games and has gone from 97.00% to 100%.

How does this make sense when I’m above nearly all games and MVP and still no increase but others around me do…

After all this I lose one game and it drops. Also they were diamond 5s so not low ranks at all.

Absolutely awful ranking system. Sort it out.

(API) #428

It depends on consistency as well. Your history matters too and that could be the reason.

(BHANUx9898) #429

You are right bro .this happen with me daily after o3 50per no progress

(DemandingMonkey) #430

I’ve won a lot more than lost, don’t know what’s up with it.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #431

I can only agree. I won yesterday 4 games in a row didnt move up 1%. I lost one match…and guess what… I lost 30 %.

(RQ Gnasher) #432

Well, i just lost a game where i had 3 teammates quit in escalation and dropped 40%. Didnt go up at all in about 3 wins prior either

(Jack the Simple) #433

I agree, I’ve had several games where I’m MVP yet i don’t move % at all, what is up with this!? This ranking system is so convoluted.

(alberlumendz) #434

That’s what’s the matter with my rank in King of the Hill I still won not progress my I have Onix 3 99.46% I have won more than 10 games does not advance help

(Cz Turko) #435

Sometimes the page takes a little time to load, what you are recommending is that you wait a bit, restart the game and check one more time. Keep taking screenshots if you keep winning and do not rise in rank in the game, so you can send them in a tweet to @CoalitionGears and review your GT.

(alberlumendz) #436

Since last night this frozen my rank fails to advance now in the night I play the 10 games still not advancing

(Doc Holliday SS) #437

Same. It’s been 48 hours. Win or lose it just sits, maybe glitched? Also my ranks don’t show on the website just like your picture above. Hope they look into it soon since it’s almost the weekend.

(alberlumendz) #438

2 days I have no advance of 99.46% in Onix 3 I won many games without advance should be diamond 2

(NUBinbound) #439

from the way they explain it you have to beat whoever is above you I.E someone might be 99.47% and you’re competing for that so you have to do better than they are in matches

(alberlumendz) #440

I’m MVP in all games won is something I don’t understand as I can’t progress

(NUBinbound) #441

could just be the people above you are getting a higher score per match and also might be playing more what mode do you play?