Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

(III EnVii III) #402

I have been in similar situations where it won’t put me up when you expect it to however I have gone up and down so you just got to keep winning tbh :+1:

It’s frustrating yes but remeber, playing in a team gives you less gains too.

(Work1Omega) #403

I was not part of a established team, I was just using the term team, the other people were just randoms that the system picked for the match. If this continues alot of people are going to stop playing because whats the use of winning when your not getting credit for it.

(BradyPrp) #404

Okay So I’ve had enough with the inconsistent Ranking in Gears 4. Its easier said then done I know. But its something to consider for Gears 5. Here’s a idea… MAKE IT ABOUT POINTS. I know you make wins and loses less “volatile” BUT its still very uneven. I’ll win a match get MVP and move up 5-15 percent. Then I lose a match and still get MVP and go down 5-15 percent (or rarely stay the same) because somebody quit. That makes no sense. BASE IT OFF POINTS. Top 5 guys of whole match will either get ranked up % Or just stay still, based it on K.D and if they won or not. It makes me furious when you get MVP and you lose because some jerk quit. Now I get ranked down because somebody left. Sure there is penalty but its still screwing every team mate. The Collation Is failing big time. Some jerk told me online he always quits because when you quit it doesn’t count as a lose. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE QUIT. You guys are too focus recycling content then actually fixing the ranking systems. Its the fact if I win but not get mvp my % will stay the same even if I’m within 300 of the mvp. If god forbid I lose even with others quitting I get deranked in my %.

(Relax Mxte) #405

If someone’s just capping the home hill in Escalation they’ll more than likely have the most points. Had a teammate get MVP with three kills and over 500 time dead. He doesn’t deserve to gain percent cause all he did was run around while we were taking fights. You can say that’s the objective but caps come from getting kills.

Other game modes I do agree with you though, shouldn’t be based off wins as your teammates can really affect that like you said with the quitters and stuff.

(Jack the Simple) #406

So I’ve been playing TDM recently and the consistency of when I rank up or down are so baffling that it’s hard to take seriously and becomes frustrating. I used to read posts on people stating they lost rank % after a win + mvp. Evidently it’s true, I’ve had several games where I’m mvp or if I’m not I still do well and I either don’t go up in rank % or it stays the same. Yesterday I actually lost 8% rank after a win + mvp ribbon (In Onyx 2 tdm).

When you are limited to a short amount of playing time or even if you’re not, you want to be rewarded for your effort especially if you are consistently doing well by scoring high kills and having very few deaths. I am sure I’m not the only person who is seeing some kind of flaw in this ranking system.

Thought I would vent my frustration…just sick of winning games and not moving up a single %

(III EnVii III) #407

I win matches and barely gain % if at all

I lose and drop big %

(RainbowWonka32) #408

Yeah its really BS

later today they are doing a live stream. Send them these ranking system complaints they need to know about them

it starts at 6 pm est at

(Cz Turko) #409

You’re right, it’s frustrating. They would have taken note of the Halo 5 ranked; easy, precise and without confusion.

(Jack the Simple) #410

And lets not even begin to talk about how PC players are still freezing up, myself included. This game is a damn joke compared to other games out there right now. Very hard for new players to get into.

(LaGiraffa4321) #411

Same here. For the past two days every single win, even being mvp a few times, I’ve received 0%, and have only dropped % with my losses. So much so that I lost a level. But I can’t help myself. I love the game and want to play!

(Jack the Simple) #412

What ■■■■■■■ more do I have to do, I’m winning games and doing very well in them, why the ■■■■ does my percentage not move up!?!?!!?

It feels as if i’m just wasting my freaking time, you win 10+ move maybe 10% and lose one and you go down 30%. Really looking for another game to play competitively, this is just unfair

(Ryujin Kinggggg) #413

Same. I’m not going up on escalation at all. Not even a 0.01% and I haven’t lost a game in so long.

(NUBinbound) #414

to fix this they just need to remove that “prediction” system since that can really mess things up and instead just reward players for a win and dock them for a loss based on their performance sure it might pose the problem of oh this guy isnt killing just capping hills but thats still doing SOMETHING other than leaving

(Pigeon Park Bum) #415

I’m not the best player, only a Gold.

Yet every match I’m thrown in against Onyx players, and lots of the time, they are stacked, and at a high ping rate.

So tell me TC, what’s the point in a ranking system, if it doesn’t work? Yet, you post all the time how it works properly?

Maybe if the connections worked smoothly, and I wasn’t always matched against people thousands of miles away, it wouldn’t be so bad.

Is it so hard to find someone within my own country to play with?

I swear the system intentionally wants to pair you with different regions

(iBlazeOddish) #416

Matchmaking is very broken. It honestly just makes me laugh when I’m only ranked silver and I get a bunch of Gold or lower teammates and we get matched up against Onyx and Diamond players that wall bounce like they’re having a seizure and then we get shutout. Pure comedy.

(Keala89) #417

I play KOTH a lot. I’ve been trying to get my rank up to diamond just for the skins, but I can never get past onxy 1 (now a gold 3). But because of the rank progression BS as well as the BS you mentioned, I’ve stopped caring about my rank.

There’s no point in trying to accomplish anything in a broken system.

(Ektope) #418

To compare ego without a ruler

(xx312s FiN3ST) #419

Had 4 players quit and still dropped 90% D1 to 30%… No reason that should happen @the-coalition

What is going on?

(Ektope) #420

If you quit to main menu, you may not have lost that much.

(Krylon Blue) #421

If this is true it’s an even more flawed system than most of us thought. Quitting out of a game should never under any circumstances help your rank.