Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

Oh, NO NO NO. It does bother me.
When I mentioned the numbers and Ping comment, I was referring to GOW4. That’s what they said. I was talking about regions. I miss it, it was easier and better… I think it’s ■■■■■■■■ to have a 200+ Ping and get away with all kinds of BS.

If I was pinging at 200+ ping in a lobby while other people were at 20 to 100 ping, I wouldn’t feel like getting away with it. I’ve always noticed that I’ve been at huge disadvantage with reactions, whenever I’m at anywhere 100+ ping.
When I play on US servers, I still feel robbed in 1 vs 1 duels because my screen doesn’t update soon enough. It’s like literally every second and frame counts, so I could choose what I would do next.

Guys, you do realize that the same region pings never jump over 50-60? Everything else is a devs flaw to regulate the playing environment properly imo. Especially the high variable pinging players. They shouldn’t be included in matchmaking at all!!!

Its more than just the ranking system. Its just that the ranking system is the last straw for me. Its bad enough that I have to work harder to get kills because of all the sponging so when I actually get MVP I feel its a slap in the face that my rank goes down. The game play has gotten worse with each update and the ranking system is not based on your individual performance so what is fun about that???

What irritates me the most is this game is broken and the devs refuse to acknowledge it


The ranking system has clearly been messed with. The last two seasons I can’t even get to Onyx. Unless you are MVP and win you don’t usually get a single percentage point. If you lose, even with a team that had players quit and you are still MVP you drop 5 to 10%. The ranking is catored to squads who roll over randoms and stacked against everyone else. All they care about is esports and wall bouncers. Not sure how this game lost it’s way so much over 1 single edition to this franchise.

Specifically. I don’t get MVP often. I’m more of a conservite player. A team player. My KTDR is almost 2.0 and usually get died the least and highet KTDR in all game modes. Win 4 to 1. And while i was Onyx rightfully before the last two seasons I cannot move up at all off Gold 1 to 3. We won 8 in a row with my buds last night on King and didn’t move a single percentage then we lost the last match and i dropped 13%. So stupid.

Wall bouncing. I strafe enough when needed but I don’t tend to need to jiggle around to get kills. I can aim fine without having to rely on wall bouncing to save me. Never before in gears was this tactic not only so prevalent but also effective. The hit box is not only virtually gone when they bounce you can bounce faster then the refresh rates can load but with the glitching even if the refresh rates was able to keep up you can see what to even shoot at. Nothing more pathetic then seeing two bouncers going at each other seeing who get lucky 1st. Not other gears were like this. They need to add more or expanded cool down periods. You shouldn’t be able to bounce 50 times. They even make the maps specifically for bouncers. They brought back maps based on isle ways for bouncers. It’s kinda sad. Basically modern players won’t play games unless they can somehoe manipulate an in game glitch to essentially cheat. Also… Dont even get me started on mods, aim bots etc… Rapid fire and guaranteed active reload and auto aim. Losers. Get a life. YouTube has many vids showimg how these ■■■■■■■■ cheat and how accessible modded controllers are. PC guys just point the mouse at your head and kill you lol. Crazy. Fix this game please.


One way or another someone is going to exploit the game. THAT’S EVERY GAME. I like TC is communicating with us more on these topics but also focusing on creating thr next upcoming game.
The coalition should look towards and avg of kills and wins. I agree on that.
None us of like the RNC in the game either we got spoiled with GOW 3 with buying certain skins and achieving them. Best way to counteract this is not buying those crates in 5 if they dont promise that they wont be part of 5 either.
After unistalling the game and leaving gears doesn’t resolve the issue you have you’re giving up.

But most of the problems people are having arent from exploits they’re from a broken game. And just because they’re communicating with us doesn’t mean they’re listening to us. For example people have been complaining about the esports packs since they first came out and instead of actually making it so you buy a character and thats it they just guarantee no duplicates per pack and like one of our fellow gear heads found out recently you can buy 8 packs and end up with 8 BS Doms. So voicing our opinions and concerns doesn’t matter uninstalling the game was my next step

I admit I have left the game, not because of the ranking system, but because it isn’t fun.

I’m just glad that I stopped caring about my rank long ago before it actually became a major contributing factor.

Yes, I play at 100% effort in Ranked, for those who may think not, think of it like Gears 1, where you didn’t have a tangible rank you could give yourself (apart from leaderboards that is). That’s how I play Ranked since the start of Season 2 of Ranked.

I haven’t played Gears 4 since my controller broke about 2 weeks ago. And I want to play but I know that the ranking system is BS. I just play for fun now. I play solo most of the time and usually leading my team in total. I don’t know how players can shoot you with a Gnasher from at least half the map across and kill you in 2 shots.

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Gears 4 in small doses only.

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Yeah it’s tough. I hate it. I’m the same. And even When I did hit a 100 Ping which has happened once since this Ping ■■■■ happened. I couldn’t do ■■■■ even then. No matter what my Ping is, I can never do anything. Seems like players above 100 are so much faster than me. It’s BS.

Did you increase controller setting from options, it will i increase your movements speed when you slid an wall bounce.

I noticed when i met with higher rank players, they try to die less , play with strategy and trap. normal players just rush and try to kill and get killed in trap, and keep doing the same.

I agree there is little skill difference b/w gold and onyx for eg., but main thing is strategy which we can’t always make while playing without teamup.

I am an avg player, not and expert of this game, I may be wrong, just shared what I found and think.

I did, thank you. But still no luck. It’s a shame.

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A lot of that has to do with the players you run into on US servers. A 100ms Ping is an advantage assuming you have the highest or near the highest ping in a match. I’ve played with @III_EnVii_III on European servers with a 100ms ping and while there was a delay I was basically unstoppable compared to my low ping on US servers. I was sponging and able to get away with goofing around which was pretty hilarious. When I brought @III_EnVii_III onto the US servers my guns became very inconsistent and @III_EnVii_III Ping was 97ms and it didn’t help him at all. The obvious question is why would this be, right? Well it’s simple; even though his ping was high it wasn’t near the worst in the lobby. He was actually out at a disadvantage by several Mexico players pinging at 100ms with ping spikes upwards of 1100ms. In other words, at this point, anyone with a stable ping on US servers is at a disadvantage because of these 1996 era connections they’re running down there.


Ranking system is broken i have stopped playing because of 5 men stack teams


I have lost over 100% after loosing 3 matches.

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I think its funny and weird youre more mad about an arbitrary rank than actual in game mechanics not working well.

Also theres no sponging you just miss.

I am more mad about the rank cause I do not have any problem with the game mechanics. I love Gears 4 to death.

I am mad because I should be Diamond 4 by now and now I am d1 again. I was D3 5 times and I loose 60% from one L. Thats annoying.

There are times when you see all pellets hit up close and blood come out and the player survive.

Sponging is pretty common.

I’ve hit players with full Lancer clips and they keep on going :+1:

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