Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

It’s cool man I’m sure I could have done a better job explaining myself. It sounds like we’re on the same page regarding the concept of teams. As I said I like the team based ranking system. I believe that people who complain about it who are playing solo should find a good team to play with.

And a side note to the topic: when you look at someone’s high ranking you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that “that’s a good player”. While that may be true, a more accurate assessment would be “this player has played a lot and/or done well on the winning team”

It’s a team based game so if you want the best chance of climbing in the ranks of the current ranking system, then you should get a stack. That’s all I was trying to say.


Yea… the higher I climb the rank ladder the more it’s painfully eveident that alot of the higher ranks do not take damage like normal players. There is an advantage with certain connections. NO DOUBT.

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I’ve noticed this a lot. When I play with lower ranked friends I find enemies take damage as they should and my movements are great. But that also generally also means the pings are lower all around. When I play with high ranking friends who are on my level the matches feel muddy and enemies sponge. The enemy team and maybe some random teammates have high to extremely high pings with large fluctuations. Many of these higher ranked players, although not all, would be a whole tier lower or so if they actually had reliable connections. Like today I played 5 matches and every single match had players pinging between 150-500ms with spikes on top of that. None of the matches felt right and quite frankly were unplayable from a consistency standpoint. My friend @AliceInChainsaw put it best; it felt like we were on competitive while they were in Core tuning.


It seemed when TC took the trading shots timed window to the extreme a little while back, I was getting alot more kills/trades because it took more in consideration those incredibly bad pings. They went away from that, probably because those players are now the majority and didn’t like being held accountable for their actual skill.

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I still get far too many kill trades against laggy players. I’m tired of shooting an enemy that’s rolling, roadie running or jumping over cover just to see them explode but a second later I also explode. How is that even possible? If on my screen, which is a low ping, you are roadie running how do you even shoot me? A high unstable ping is no reason to make the game show different things on each end. Either they find a way to address their internet issues or you stop pairing them with lower pings. Why is Gears the only game that finds it acceptable to punish the low ping?

Look like this all ping discussion is right as after giving some attention while playing found true, ping affect a lot. Perfect shot from both side, the one with higher ping wins.

Someone posted this on other thread. magic of this ping pong system.

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It’s a mess that’s for sure. The big issue, aside from sponging, is that a single high ping actually changes the fluidity of your movements. I have always noticed that I’ll stick to walls more, my bounces don’t react properly, sliding into cover will make me roll the opposite direction of my input, grenades kill you before they make the bouncing noise/bee beep, throwing your own grenades will double or triple clutch because it’s not synced and other weird quirks. None of the above mentioned things are present when the lobby has all low stable pings and it’s a major reason I feel a change needs to be made.

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I have said it many times but I try and not worry about the (my) rank. Not always possible of course. My biggest frustration is still the high ping players. I’m Uk based and can only really get a good match up in the evenings/weekends. I have tried several times to play early and it is a joke. Last week I was in a game where only myself and one other player were 40 and below. Everyone else was 200+ I took a screen shot, as I could not believe it. Needless to say we got beat and movement and gunplay were awful.
I jumped onto KOTH on Gears 3 instead and had a ball :slight_smile:

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I hope TC notice these conversations and do something.


That’s what I’m talking about. Gears 3, which has a smaller playerbase, doesn’t punish me like this game does and it has a larger playerbase. It makes no sense and baffles me how they continue to spread straight up lies about the quality of this netcode. No respectable third party could honestly say the netcode in Gears 4 is up to par with other major releases. I say this as someone who has played every Halo, Gears, Titanfall, Battlefield, Call of Duty games and even Overwatch and in all of those games, except Gears 2, I never saw this many issues. For Gears 4 to be on par with other major releases it would need to equal the above and honestly it’s not even 1% as consistent as any of the above minus again, Gears 2.

The stacked teams are annoying and very unfair to play against .Even if you play with one other player its still unfair to the solo players. For gears 5 they should only allow stacked teams in escalation…since you know that’s what that whole game mode is about(esports).


Lets be real, the majority of time, and I made a post about a year ago about this, all the top ranked players are hard to kill not based on pure skill but based on the issues with the games sponging, your shots not shooting or the latency allowing for what you thought was you shooting first. You see your enemy flinch and blood coming out of them but you get gibbed from a distance by said enemy and the percentage rad out tells you you did no damage at all…

Back to the topic of the ranking system though…it is very hard to rank up when you get matched with a subpar team, every game someone quits, EVERY GAME SOMEONE QUITS. I plowed through bronze to reach silver. Now I am stuck between 65%-72% because my team loses no matter how much I carry them, or we have a quitter every single game. (The “Quit penalties” only hurt the people who lose connection from the game and are generally trying to play the game.)

I feel yah, was diamond 4 lost 1 game and it took me down by like 50% while when i do really good i go up by like 2% it’s ridiculous it really is…

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Bring back leaderboards from gears of war 2, you guys can’t seem to get the ranking system right. It just makes people more angry when stupid things happen with the current ranking system, if you can’t get it right then don’t try to do it at all. Hopefully gears of war 5 won’t have the same mistake because it was probably the biggest one on gears of war 4. Leaderboards is all gears needs, I’d rather climb up the ranks on a global leaderboard than get placed into bronze-diamond. Or have both so those who prefer one or the other are happy, I legit couldn’t care less about the ranking system gears of war 4 has, I can be the highest rank and get teammates that are the lowest, that’s not how the ranking system should work at all.

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I don’t think getting rid of ranks is the right thing to do. I like to see my skill level rated agaisnt other players. It’s also something that keeps me playing.

Vastly improving and changing the ranking system is what we need.

The system should weigh more on individual peromance rather than win / loss.


Going MVP and losing a match 2-1 shouldn’t result in loss of % especially when you’ve just scored higher than anyone else.

It’s your rank for a reason and should reflect your performance, with the team winning or losing taking a secondary effect.

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If they fix who you get teamed up with and teamed up against then it wouldn’t be half bad, but when I’m sitting here facing a full team of onyx/diamond and my team is full of non-ranks-gold doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It’s kinda stupid how that works right now.

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The reason is a lot of higher rank players play in teams since the game weighs ranks to W/L

So the lower ranked players end up playing solo - either due to lack of skill or not able to effectively communicate or co-ordinate agaisnt higher squads.

It’s not the games fault that players want to play like this.

There could be a system in place that tries to prioritise solo / 2-man squads agaisnt other solo / 2-man squads.

At the moment it just finds the quickest match and that’s normally a 5-man v anyone one else - whether it’s agaisnt another 5-man or a mix or solos, 2+2+1 or 3+2 or 4+1.


That’s the worst kind of ranking system around, it really shouldn’t matter about finding the quickest match and focus more on putting players up against players with the same level of skill or slightly higher so they can try to improve. Players are not going to improve if they are put up against someone that will just absolutely destroy them. I really couldn’t care less who I go up against, I mainly care for having a decent team when I am put up against high tier players, because I know for fact that not every onyx/diamond in the game plays with a full team ALL the time. I just hope there is a better ranking system involved with Gears of war 5 because how gears 4 stands right now I can’t be bothered playing it, I have never wanted to stop playing a gears of war game until gears 4, and I’m sure others would agree because it is just not fun when all these stupid things happen. Ranking systems always mess games up, and that’s why fortnite won’t bring it in because that will just demotivate players when they can’t rank up. and that’s why the past gears of wars did so well.


Well, it does take rank into consideration but once you hit Onyx Level I find it can put you agaisnt a balanced team or anything up to a full Diamond 5 stack.

And the worst part is, when you invevitably lose, you also suffer in % loss.

So it’s strips you of your rank for losing agaisnt a much higher ranked stack team which you might have zero chance of beating.

So it essentially pegs you back for no reason.

That’s why we need a system that analsises personal performance first before simple W/L

That’s correct, not everyone plays 5-Man all the time but I’ve seen 2-Man Diamond 5’s run a match and win it with 3 decent players too.

I’ve seen people rank yo Diamond Solo but they are few and far between.

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Yeah I definitely agree. I went 10-0 earlier and stayed the same percent. Gears 3 you go up on the leaderboards every game. So much more satisfying.