Im done with this game thanks to its ranking system

Im officially done with this game. Uninstalled and no mas. You know what TC I can put up with the sponging and all the other bs but I’m tired of getting MVP and my ranking goes down because I lost. Meanwhile you have people who are diamond solely off the fact they play on a stacked team but cant fight their way out of bed. If you guys dont get it together gears 5 is gonna be a huge let down.

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Ok cool man, see you next week then


nope not taking the time to install 100gb again


All Diamonds are only Diamond because they sponge



The ranking system clearly caters to stacks.

I concluded long ago that if you’re so serious about your rank, get 4 like minded similar skilled players and go for it.

Otherwise it’s a bit of a crap shoot and certainly not as accurate as someone in a stack.

If you realize that from the start it’s not so frustrating IMO. I stopped caring about rank a couple months ago. I mean I care, but not to the point that I get really wound up about it. I play to get better as a player. Maybe when I’m satisfied I’ll get a stack going and shoot for the diamond.


Lol, not necessarily. I actually reached Diamond as a US player with no more than one friend with me in KotH. I have Gigabit Fiber hardwired into my router with the lowest ping in the lobby every match. But the majority of Diamonds do sponge so you’re almost correct, lol.

(Does /s mean end of sarcasm?)

Yeah lmao. I was actually making fun of a comment I read recently on these forums which said all Diamonds are sponges. Couldn’t be bothered to go find it to quote it though

Lol, yeah. I have noticed a lot of Diamonds are high pings with high fluctuation which in simple terms equals sponging. But there are definitely some skilled ones with low pings that earned it. There’s also low pings that play like high golds that have Diamond because they play in stacks. I teamed up with one the other day and took notice of how ridiculously bad this player was, lol.


I dont see why choosing who you play with is allowed in this skill based matchmaking setup, why is it skill full to let five people party up with each other based on seeing one anothers ability at bouncing, clutching, sniping etc and pit them against randoms who are varrying levels of ability who have most likely been carried into onyx or gold from previous matches.

It should be like the old days, stacked teams would have people leave lobbies they are in and they would be forced to find other teams on forums that wanted to fight team vs team.
That was considered the moral and skill full thing to do not stomping through randoms.


I’ve been playing solo and getting destroyed by stacked teams of diamonds lately. My rando squad is all gold and onyx. So when I lose to these diamonds, my rank goes down 5-10 percent, something the dev’s had said should not occur. It does. Then winning against usually lower ranks results in barely, if any growth, It’s always been like this, but now I suspect the playerbase is as low as ever, so its mostly try hards and noobs, resulting in crazy unfair matches across the board.

Heres one to hopping for solo and squad queues in gears 5. (it’s not coming)


How about they should make 2 separate Ranked Playlist. 1 for solo players like me and the other for Stacked teams. I don’t like the Ranking System either because I play solo.


I remember when I would play to actually win Matches. Now it’s become boring, no progession after a hard match. I was a player who would play Gears all night, now it’s very rare. I like the Graphics and Story but that ranking system is not accurate imo.


This surreal. A person is leaving Gears 4 because of the ranking system.

You play a game because of the gameplay, not because of the ranking system.

What would have happened if the ranking system wasnt there? You would still be playing? Well, then uninstalling is a stupid thing to do, really.

My advice to you? Take the ranking system less seriously, and enjoy the game. As soon as I stopped caring getting to Diamond in Escalation I enjoyed the game much more.


Right? ■■■■, I’ve been saying this ■■■■ forever. This game is garbage now. And all they ask of us is to be patient with them… That’s hilarious. Do something for your fans for once. They cover up ■■■■ with ■■■■■■ rewards, ■■■■■■ skins, ■■■■■■ players, etc… I can go on and I’m sure others can as well. They’re like the government. Distract you with ■■■■■■■■ and we just keep biting! Sucks.
Anyway, I didn’t mean to blow your post up. Haha
Just wanted to share that I can relate as well. Amount others. Many others.


Damn, aren’t we all adults here?
They censored my curse words? Haha


I know, it’s sad! Seems like you work harder just to lose. It’s terrible. And this Circa person must get what we have all been talking about.
Gotta love Pings! Only people with compensation talk like that. Haha
Must be nice.

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OP did not say all. Simply has issue with those that are when he/she losses rank on MVP. A strong reason I won’t play ranked as I would likely contribute to a decent player’s loss pf % and such regardless of their performance. A very poorly planned model.

Tbh, literally anyone would be getting lag comp when their ping isn’t really 0 or they’re not hosting from their client side.

I usually don’t take the ranking system too seriously, so it wouldn’t frustrate me as much or push me over the edge to want to quit the game entirely.

Well, sometimes it comes to that for some. To each their own. And why make big deals about Pings and numbers, when in reality they don’t matter anyway. Taking away regions ■■■■■■ everything up more. You can’t fix a game if you don’t know what you’re doing in the first place. It’s easy to take something apart. But it takes skill to put it back together and all they have done is trash this game.

You mean, they don’t matter to you?
Never seen oversees lobby dropped +200ms pinger spiking to 500-800?? That’s why people QUIT playing… “slipping thru” bs… But I agree, they are incompetent to fix anything.