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I'm done with Ranked Multiplayer on this game (Ranks are broke)

paging someone! Please tell me your looking into WTF is going on in RANK. The few people I roll with won’t touch the game anymore!!! COME ON TC!!!


TC Octus



It’s something we are looking at for sure.

Something positive at least Octus replied to me, there looking into it so might just wanna hold off to see if they address the problem if you don’t wanna grind again and again. I’m actually not tripping on rank anymore just wins and Xp. If the system says I’m a silver 2 player on Koth so be it, I’ll just keep mashing most of matches untill the diamond and above silver players mash me.

Honestly i don’t know what happenend, but as described in another post i went from 19000 in Escalation to 9000 + 1500 (1500 from the current game) in 1 game last week, i stopped playing Escalation for a few time because i was so disgusted.
Today, i did a game of Escalation, we play 4v5 the whole game with begginer in my team i did -19 BUT i was at 18900 again, when i was at 11500 at the beggining of the game, idk they maybe noticed that they made a mistake.
I wasn’t that happy since i never find game in Europe, but at least there is that they brought my rank more or less back.

Yeah it’s like for some players your rank restored to previous rank before reset. I was one of them I dropped bad than a week later I was at my previous rank. TC said they didn’t do a second reset. So idk Wtf is going on. Sucks I feel you about your server’s. I invited a UK player last night he had a high ping, but he was happy his shots were landing, he did alright for a few matches. It was wierd it’s like the last match I had the super high ping and his was 45 to 60 and he couldn’t land anything. Watch the whole ping count is fake lol.

They are solid TDM stats, you should be in masters ranking with those stats. Why it would put you back down to silver just makes no sense at all.

The problem that creates is that there are now diamond/masters players in silver matches so how are lower ranked players going to improve playing against those players?


Yea. I know what you mean. People should keep making new post about the broken ranking system. Maybe they will finally listen. I’m going to make one today.

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Just got around to watching this vid and this explains nothing about what you are talking about. everything is based on those “skill points”. the question is, how in the hell are those points achieved and calculated?
i just had another frustrating game in TDM. overall for the game that lasted 3 rounds i went 23 (elims) and 3, and took 2nd place on my team. my team won and i LOST 57 points. this makes no sense at all. the current system is flawed. how much better could i have done contributing to 23 kills and only dying 3 times while helping my team win the entire match?

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that video didn’t cover it? he talks about it being round by round, no?

idk i thought it did lol, been a while since it came out

did someone quit in your match? how did you perform round by round? score per minute?

how many kills did you get?

I wrote about this issue as well The broken ranking system turning into unranked?

That’s what I’m doing. I try to get diamond for the skin and hope that this season is the calibration season and the issues will be resolved next season. Wishful thinking…

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I dropped from diamond to silver twice too… and at silver even lost points on a loss where I was mvp with double the score of the second. Silver truly is a prison. I love that comment

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