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I'm done with Ranked Multiplayer on this game (Ranks are broke)

your statement makes no sense. what indicators of an individual performance are there if they do not take into account your elims, deaths, points and mvp? In TDM, that is all there is to take in to account. Other modes like escalation and KOTH have ring captures/ring breaks and that’s the only difference in those modes.
in a game that is about killing the enemy, my rank better go off of me killing the enemy and not dying.

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See my post above yours. It does make sense.

It does work but it may not be taking into account what YOU want.

Do i personally think that it should factor in more things? Without a doubt. Do i think it should be easy to rank up? Absolutely not.

Individual performance should be taken into account over team performance since it is an individual ranking.

Also in TDM, keep in mind that it is calculated round by round.

You can slaughter the first one, do okay in the second and do poorly on the last - that may not reflect the game you thought you had. The final scoreboard may be skewed like those NFL QBs who only light it up and go off when their team is down double digits and they have to throw the ball 60 times.

What about their horrible first quarter? Meh second. mediocre third. But their 4th quarter puts them #1 in passing for the week.

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Is there somewhere that TC explains how it works? How do you know this is how it works?

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Yeah, they have talked about it here and there but they are going to break it down completely soon

I figured it out by playing and getting to Masters as well as by comparing it to other games.

I believe the first video on it by Mr. Cleven was most helpful in understanding it. Also, this is usually how elo leaderboards work.

do you have a link to the video?


I was only talking about TDM, but I get where you’re going with it.

Thanks for linking the video, I’ll give that a watch too, as the system seems baffling at times

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I was MVP was like 17 and 5 we won both by a lot…


4v5 KOTH the entire game. We manage to win, and I’m 3rd place in the lobby.

D E - R A N K

Getting out of Silver 3 is literally impossible (I guess unless you’re a god at GOW, which I’m not). Play well and win, you gain either a minuscule number of points or de-rank. Lose, and you de-rank by 10 times more points than you’ll ever gain by winning a match. It’s actually stunning how rigged the rank points system is. I don’t think I’ve ever been more salty over a video game, and I actually like Gears 5.

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It’s just broken. I logged in and I dropped ranks because I didn’t even play. They need to get that water mark back. What if the whole time you winning your deranking because the system is catching up and players are leap frogging. It seems what is happening. I was top five silver 2 play a match earned only 198 tier points but I dropped, only thing I can think of is everyone else in my tier been playing and I haven’t all week so the leap frog me.

I’ve seen a diamond player in KOTH with 386 Score Per Min. The guy doesn’t cap hills. Just gets kills and elims. Don’t think the number matters too much.

my TDM stats I should be a Master by now btw this is the second time around was Diamond 2 top 5% now im getting demoted every game until I hit silver 2 or 3 again and I guess its time to Grind again! just to get Reset for a third time lmao.


Nice K/D!

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thanks man I could care a less about the K/D believe it or not i just want to win and keep my Ranks lol.

That’s because silver is full of gold>diamond players due to this silly ranking system.

It’s no wonder it’s crazy to get out of. I’m at silver 3 38% now and I gain so little when the system decides to reward me for playing good and lose 10x as much when the system robs me.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to make it out. I’ve heard people say the climb from gold upwards was 10x easier than getting out of silver, and I’m not surprised by that in the slightest.

Silver 3 is like a guys last week in prison. He’ll get out if he has good behaviour, but people keep making him defend himself by starting fights with him and he gets another week added to his sentence each time.

That cycle repeats week on week and he can never get out. Same as being stuck in silver, but not as bad obviously :rofl:


yeah, it’s really just k/d but i also say score per minute as a way of telling people to be efficient

No f’en way that is just wrong.

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yeah man I’m scared to grind again because im afraid of getting demoted a 3rd time

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I got to silver 3 11% tonight, then made the stupid decision to keep playing when tired. Ended up at silver 3 18%.

Still resulted in taking a nice chunk out of it (started the evening at 38%), but I should have quit whilst I was ahead.

I was so close to getting out of silver prison that I couldn’t stop playing. That light at the end of the silver tunnel was too irresistible :rofl:

Also had a game where @WVRattlesnake87 and I were on @Rossflex’s team by pure chance (what are the odds!). He definitely wasn’t a silver player :muscle:


I feel the pain. Been stuck in Silver for weeks.

I am the same rank (or lower) than friends of mine from 4 who were Bronze or silver lol. I was Onyx 3 in 4