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I'm done with Ranked Multiplayer on this game (Ranks are broke)

I love this game… but at the End of the Day I can’t Defend this Ranking system not only is it Awful But it’s the worst Ranking system I have ever experienced first it was the Random Update the so called Re-Calibration which I was demoted from Onyx to silver 3. I said whatever got over it and just kept playing winning and Ranking up well today I get my squad in Ranked win 2 Games and see tier points (14000 I was at 19421 diamond 2 top 5%) well on my Way to Masters just to get demoted again and again until I’m all the way back down to Silver its like whats the point of playing Ranked if you can’t be sure you will keep your rank? I will no longer play Ranked… this First season is very Disappointing I’m honestly mad because this game has so much Potential but I just can’t support it right now


It’s the first season. Finding the proper balance to “bracket” someone requires information. Im sure the second season you’ll be able to shine without the hassle of feeling mad.

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we should just come back to this game in a year. meanwhile let`s play gears 4. it is way better

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I went from Onyx 1 to silver 2 over night, I had 9000 earned skill points removed with no indication as to why I’ve lost all these skill points. I have friends who haven’t really been playing the game remain in the same rank without being recalibrated which just doesn’t make any sense at all.


I seem to be in the minority on this. Got demoted from Onyx 1 to Silver 2 ~ 20% in guardian from the original “readjustment”, after not playing that game mode for a week I was in gold 1 - 97% last night.

Transparency from TC on most things would be nice. Also maybe some actual ingame update messages/notes like they did in Gears 4 instead of only twotter


Yeah I have heard of other people going up in rank also, if they were going to re calibrate a second time they should have at least given out proper warning and if they do re calibrate, they could have at least have the decency to give us the data they are using to calibrate these ranks. I had 18000 skill points in king of the hill at one point, then I signed in and had 9000 removed, that’s unjustified, it’s took me a week of graft to earn those points.


@OP your capitalization bewilders me


My main gripe is that the visible communication from TC outside of twitter (which is still arguably poor) is so little. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because they don’t want to be flamed and flooded with a bunch of toxic comments, but damn they gotta just get over it.

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They should’ve said right of the bat that season 1 was going to undergo calibration. Before the season started even


Yeah they do get a lot of toxic comments regardless of whether the changes are positive or negative, but just being silent on certain matters makes the situation worse.

The ranking system in my current understanding is that you play matches, you earn or lose skill points based of your performance, the more skill points you have the higher the rank you are. So on what grounds are they taking earned skill points away??

When you said you went up in rank in guardian, had you gained or lost skill points of did they remain the same?

No, even if you play freaking amazing but lose you lose points. No matter how well you did. That doesn’t seem right to me

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That does seem to be the case sometimes, but I have lost matches, finished as the best player on the losing team and gained 400-500 skill points, I think it was purely based off the eliminations I had in those matches.

I believe my points remained the same, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Which would mean my rank was artificially inflated due to other people losing points.

They originally said it was due to all the matches that weren’t tracked at launch (I did 9 KOTH placement matches for example because the system kept giving me errors).
@Anlathir I doubt they were expecting to have to make adjustments when they launched, but :poop: happens

Since the reset I had no problems climbing rank, but I only played about 10 matches, I’m back to where I was silver 2 top 5 I was reset to silver 1 . 99. I’ll find out today because Im about to get my Grind on. Just called in sick not feeling to well.:scream:

Going from silver 1 to silver 2 isn’t too bad, like you say you can probably earn that back in one night. I dropped from Onyx 1 to silver 2…that’s like 5 full ranks worth of grind lost. It took me a solid week of grind to earn all those skill points, I now have 9000 to earn just to get back to where I was. But my point is why? If I’m winning matches, earning skill points and then they’re going to slap you back down in to silver and say ‘that’s your true rank’ how can I or anyone improve if I don’t know what you have to do to keep skill points?


Ranking has been broken since day one and still is after the update to fix it.

What’s the point of ranks though when they still don’t display your skill. Combat/movement is trash and meleeing is faster than dolphin diving on cod.

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The recalibration will be getting looked at, Dana said so yesterday.

He was asking people to send him their info - how many matches played since oct 4th and so on. It is known problem.

Now, as for the ranking itself. People need to understand that getting x pts, x elims, and mvp do not necessarily equate to a good performance. It is basing off your rank by your own individual performance - like the all-pro NFL team, which can have players from lousy teams. It is round by round so one or two bad rounds can screw you over. The ranking DOES WORK in this manner but many should confuse reality with fantasy. If the ranking is telling you that it doesn’t care about x, y, and z then it won’t factor them in.

It is also known that quitters ruin the calculation.

At the moment, this in particular is a problem of the recalibration.

Pick one.

All of the things you stated originally are a mark of individual performance. If they don’t count, wtf does?

You are right about quitters though.


i was silver 2 in tdm, grinded up to gold 3(1%) with 17419 skill points then yesterday i played liked 3-4 games did very well but lost skill points. how? i went from gold 3 to silver 1 in 4 games!!! won 3 matches out of 4… i quit this game its stupid

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“do not necessarily equate to a good performance” - meaning that you can get lots of pts via caps and elims via simply putting one bullet into them BUT also die a lot.

For example, there are people in KOTH who only and only run run run to die die die in the hill. Rinse and repeat. They don’t do anything else but boy do they get those points. Against competition that will not help you win the game.

Reminds me of what my english teacher would say about an essay’s length - “like a skirt, not too long to be boring but short enough to keep it interesting.”

A long essay has a lot of volume, lot of words but it isn’t necessarily a good one.

Individual performance is measured by your efficiency - similar to the all star teams in sports such as the all-pro nfl team.

What is taken into account as efficiency? Your kills divided by your deaths and your score per minute.

In TDM, there are people who just push push push and get lots of points and elims but lose you the game as they are not being efficient.

It isn’t and will never be perfect as it is impossible to truly measure the impact of a player.

Surely, someone who has a negative k/d but caps the ring 45 times a game should never be in masters rank as they do NOT help the team - rotations, holding off spawns, etc.

People continue to complain about the way THEY see it instead of they way that IT IS.

They should be calling for change on the factors that are taken into account for the ranking, not crying over what they personally think is counted.

It’s like a scantron/answer sheet - it will mark it how it marks it, could be wrong or could be right. Is it broken? It maybe marked 2+2=5 right but it isn’t broken, it would be a logical error.

If you know it marks it as 5 then why answer 4? There is a difference between SHOULD and IS.

People want it easy I feel like. They won’t be happy until everyone is masters at the press of a button.

Also, to note and be clear, none of this is attacking you directly or indirectly. I’m just speaking in general.