Im done with gears

I have played Gears since year 1 and have adapted with the changes over the years. At this point, I’ve been confused with losing points when having been MVP in multiple consecutive wins in TDM. Tonight I lost 4999 points from 1 loss in TDM, where I still went possitive in my KD. I could deal with at least being stuck on Onyx 3 despite a “million” wins on Gears 4… However, after all this ■■■■■■■■ on Gears 5, I’m done. That kind of loss in points in unexplainable, and that last straw when it comes to losing points no matter how well I played. This gears really ■■■■■■ over so many of players on my friends list who experience similar issues with the ranking system.

The ranking system is broken. A fix should be deployed on 13 Nov but all versus ranks will be reset when it happens.

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I’d wait and see what this ranked reset does before calling it quits. They might have the points losses and ranking system fixed this week. I know it’s more than likely just going to be half fixed and still have issues though knowing TC lmao

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Thanks guys… I’ll wait. I love gears… but a 5k hit is just over the top… especially after having to deal with 800-1200 point losses in similar scenarios.

The first seven words of your rant made me chuckle.


1 point loss 1 million point loss. It all dosent matter the ranks will be reset later in the week those points are irrelevant so I would say hang tight. I am waiting on tuning changes and working on my backlog of games for the time being. My last goal in gears 5 has been to hit general and I did that friday. I actually had a nice stress less weekend playing other games. I love gears, I’ll be back, Ryan seems pretty optimistic with changes to the tuning so I will be sure to check that out but if your only hang up.isnthe ranking hang in a few more days.

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Try 8,600 points :rofl: I lost that in a game of escalation today :rofl:

Not that it matters right now though. Just found it amusing

96 % percent of us are man … I mean you’re on the official Gears of War forum…

Yup same as that man, been a huge fan for 2019years now, God my back hurts

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LOL = ) , For all that years that we have been fans the least that TC should do its to make a good game worthy of the series man …

Not even that they can accomplish.

Problem is I believe they can, its was just decided by some higher up suits that we weren’t enough so certain changes for ease of access were expected from TC during dev, the evidence is there in 4 that they can, i would also bet alot of the team knew they were doing us wrong and hoped we’d get vocal so they can get green lit to roll back the stupid, there’s gear heads at TC too an I’d bet they would side with us

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Yes @Saber_Skywalker I really think they have the intention to fix the game and in that way you are also right 4 was a mess when it got released and now its works great, I also think that people of suits were the ones who make the wrong decisions and in some way TC wants to fix the game as it is.

they do have my vote of confidence , I love the game and I really hope that all gets better in time.

Regards Saber.

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